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Louie Spence's Holiday Blog

2nd May 2012

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Dancing legend, Louie Spence recently headed to the beautiful island of Tenerife to celebrate his birthday. Here's what he had to say about his latest holiday.

Thursday March 29 2012

AM: Up early and ready to go! You cannot believe just how excited I am to be jetting off on holiday thanks to! Costa Adeje here I come!

PM: Louie has arrived! Our villa is simply fabulous and to top the evening off, we’re being treated to some sangria. I mean, why not?!

Friday March 30 2012

I could get used to this sunshine, the weather is hot, hot, HOT! Been exploring along the main promenade today – well, one has to get used to one’s surroundings don’t they?!

Stopped off for a look around the marina at Puerto Colon and was offered a ‘genuine’ Rolex – you can’t fool me darling!

Saturday March 31 2012

The villa I’m staying in is absolutely gorgeous and there’s a Jacuzzi! Wahoo! We all know where I’ll be spending today don’t we?!

Now, where’s the waiter with my cocktail!

Sunday April 1 2012

Spent the day on the beach – not a cloud in the sky! Perfect weather for getting nicely bronzed - no white bits for me!

Monday April 2 2012

Another gorgeous day here in Costa Adeje! After all that sun yesterday I’m in need of some cooling off time so we’re off to a water park! See you on the slides!

Tuesday April 3 2012

Came across a golf course today – I’ll admit I was tempted but golf is just not my game, all that swinging and shouting ‘Four!’ – not for me!

Wednesday April 4 2012

Had another Jacuzzi day today – got myself nice and relaxed because tonight we are off out to the Veronicas strip!

Just wait for the Tenerife nightlife to see my dance moves – I’ll show ‘em how it’s done!

Thursday April 5 2012

Back to the beach for me again today – I’m gonna soak up that sunshine! Last night was AMAZING! The atmosphere was electric and, well you know me, I did nothing but dance the night away!

Friday April 6 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! 43 and still got it baby!

I’ve spent the whole day celebrating and was even treated to a gorgeous birthday cake!

Saturday April 7 2012

It’s our last day in Costa Adeje today – very sad. We have LOVED it! And what’s not to love? Gorgeous sunshine, beautiful scenery, fabulous beaches and nightlife – this place has it all!