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Italy. Just say the word and a million things spring to mind; few countries are quite as synonymous with so much culture. Delicious food, fine art, fascinating cities, breath-taking architecture, stunning beaches, historic landmarks…there’s little wonder the roots of Western civilisation lie in this incredible country.

Whether you’re there for a weekend or your summer holiday, Italy is a place of infinite discovery; a wonderful combination of beaches and a wealth of fascinating history, something for the sun-seeker and culture vulture alike. 

A truly year-round destination, Italy boasts hot summers- perfect for long, lazy days on a beach- and mild winters, making for ideal city-wandering weather. 

Morning cappuccinos, freshly baked pizza, mouth-watering gelato, steaming pastas, rich wines…and repeat the next day! It’s easy to forget that some of our most well-liked and easy-to-make recipes hail from Italy.


Fresh ingredients and the expert hands of Italian chefs make authentic Italian cuisine a true palate-pleaser and are a world away from your usual fast-food fare. Whatever the meal, it’s best served enjoyed among friends and family, and finished off with an espresso.

The real question is where to go first! Rome, Italy’s capital and largest city is a fascinating and beautiful destination that draws visitors from all over the world, for good reason. The Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, The Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain…Rome’s history isn’t hidden behind museum glass, it’s visible on every street.


The canal capital of Italy, Venice is another tourist hot spot. A place of undeniable beauty, Venice’s scenic waterways are sure to put a dampener on your usual work commute! Hop on a gondola, glide around the serene maze of canals and see the incredible (if subsiding!) architecture, all to the dulcet tones of your very own singing gondolier!


Naples may be lacking the architectural beautiful of other cities but its draw is nonetheless fascinating. Looming above the city is the hulking Mount Vesuvius, and close by are the ancient ruins of the city of Pompeii, infamously engulfed by Vesuvius’ powerful eruption in 79 AD.


Whether it’s fair Verona, fabled home of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Italy’s fabulous fashion capital, Milan, or Pisa, the world’s most famous folly, the boot of Europe is a place you can’t help but fall in love with.


Review from Matt Peters Reviewed 28 November 2013
We have been to many parts of Italy and they are all amazing in their own way. Rome has to be one of the greatest cities in the world, with a relaxed atmosphere and incredible architecture around every corner. Tuscany is so picturesque, with some great villages - the hilltop village of Cortona is particularly stunning. The Amalfi coast has incredible scenery and, again, some great villages and towns. Positano and Ravello being the pick of the crop in my opinion.

Overall, with its great people, great food and great wine, Italy is definitely 5 star.
Review from Kate @ Reviewed 29 November 2013
Italy is my favourite European country; its consistent beauty never fails to amaze me. Venice is a truly magical city and has drawn me back several times - I never get tired of the canals, churches and winding streets. Rome is a perfect city-break option for culture vultures and the Amalfi Coast is stunning; I love all the quaint towns piled on the hillside overlooking the sea. Don't leave without sampling Italian ice cream, it's to die for!
Review from Cheryl Reviewed 06 December 2013
Booked a three day break for my partners birthday, as a surprise to Rome. The best thing about Rome is that you can just be wandering around and stumble across something stunning, the whole place is steeped in culture and history. Our hotel (anfitheatro flavia) was in a perfect spot, only 2 minutes walk to the colloseum or the metro station if you wanted to venture away a little.

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