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Resting 2000km off the coast of the African continent, lies the romantic and welcoming island of Mauritius. The name itself conjures up thoughts of listening to the turquoise waters kissing the shoreline as you laze around in a hammock and that’s exactly how you can spend your time here.

A favourite destination for families and loved-up honey-mooners, Mauritius’ laid back style means there’s no other choice but to feel relaxed on the island. Spend your days on the soft, icing sugar white sand and take those envy inducing pictures of the exotic palm trees which fringe the coast. Cool down from the sizzling sun by taking a dip in the wonderful waters of the Indian Ocean and admire a view which money just can’t buy.

Beyond the heavenly beaches and crystal clear ocean, you can escape into the lush countryside which hosts an array of indigenous flora and fauna or visit the vibrant and friendly town of Mahebourg; from here you can go island hopping or enjoy a leisurely kayak on the ocean. In the evening, kick back and relax with a flavour filled dish of the local food and maybe even join in with the traditional Sega Dance!


It’s pretty much impossible to come to Mauritius and completely avoid the first class coastline which outlines the island. If you fancy a change from chilling out on the white sands, Le Morne Barbant Beach a brilliant option for snorkelling and Tamarin Beach is a surfer’s paradise! Both beaches are set against a backdrop of mountains, a perfect place to take pictures to show jealous friends back at home!


Mauritius used to be the home of the, now extinct, Dodo until human nature stripped away its habitat. Fortunately, there are still a small amount of native forests to observe Mauritius’ flora and fauna. The Black River Gorges National Park was created to preserve the remaining plant and animal life on the island and also provides a great spot for scenic hikes. You may even be lucky enough to see rare Mauritian animals including Java deer, monkeys, birds and wild boar!


To experience local Mauritian life, make your way to one of the local towns on the island. The Capital, Port Louis, enjoys the lively Central Market and has the world famous Champ de Mars racecourse on its doorstep. During the evening hours, enjoy live entertainment and delectable dining down by the Caudan Waterfront. However if a romantic night is what you’re looking for, Mont Choisy beach is the place to go to share a stunning and unforgettable sunset with your loved one.

Although it might be tempting to stay in your resort whilst in Mauritius, venturing out to different parts of the island will not only offer an alternative view but you will have the chance to sample the array of different foods this island has to offer. With a mixture of Creole, Chinese, Indian and French inhabitants, the food of Mauritius draws its influences from a medley of cultures.


The rich, fertile soil means they have ample opportunity to grow some of the juiciest fruit around. Scope out a beach vendor and grab some Victorian Pineapple after a dip in the sea or pick up a totally tropical coconut for some instant refreshment. If you need a more substantial meal, street stalls are a great was to try a local delicacy, especially if you’re on the go! Get your hands on some fried noodles from Chinatown, taste a traditional Hot Roti served with curry or pick up some delicious Dim Sum, just like the Cantonese variety but with the added twist of Mauritian shrimp and taro.


Finally, no trip to Mauritius is complete without trying the seafood that can be found in abundance here. Fish can be found baked, grilled, fried and in a curry or stew. Any way you want to eat seafood you can probably find it on this island. Enjoy some calamari with a spot of local Phoenix beer which apparently goes well with anything, but you may have to give that a try yourself!

10 year British passport is required for travel with 6 months valid from the date of return.

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