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11 Types of People You'll See on a Ski Holiday

The one who starts drinking at noon...

Beer on the ski slope

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The one who’s just there for the apres ski...

Enjoying the apres ski

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The kid that is just better than everyone...

kid skiing on slope

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The ones in fancy dress...

Fancy dress

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And the ones not in fancy dress...

Skiiers not in fancy dress

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The injured one...

Skiier with broken wrist

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The group of students just having the BEST TIME EVER!

group of students on a ski holiday

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The one that can’t use the lift properly...

Not using ski lift properly

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The one that’s just amazing at everything...

Professional skiier

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The ones that dress to impress...

Dressed to impress on the slopes

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The ski instructors...

Beer on the ski slope

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By Emma Hart - The one who snowboards with a bunch of skiers.