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15 Travel Instagrammers You Need To Follow In 2018

We all need travel inspo at times, and with the rise in travel blogging on Instagram we now have more destinations than ever to dream about and drool over. We thought we'd share the accounts which keep us lusting for distant shores, so without further ado here are our top 15 travel Instagrammers to follow.

1. Ellie from @thewanderingquinn

2. The Travel Hack @thetravelhack

3. Jess from @thetravelista

Windswept and falling in love with New York City

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4. Dave from @manvsglobe

With the awful news that Trump has decided to lift the ban on the importing of elephant body parts (although thankfully this is on hold for the moment), I thought that it would be a fitting time to share some photographs of these incredible creatures. Elephants have always been an integral part of the Sri Lanka's history, first as a symbol of power and wealth for Sinhalese kings, then as labourers for the Dutch and British colonial powers. Fortunately, there are now less than 150 in captivity. The majority of the island’s elephants roam free in the network of national parks or in the wild. I was lucky enough to take a jeep safari through Minneriya National Park, famous for its ‘gathering’ in which hundreds of elephants converge on the Minneriya tank in the dry season. I wasn’t there at the right time of year for the gathering but still saw dozens of these gentle giants as they grazed and minded their own business, jut metres from our jeep

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5. Liza from @lizatripsget

Is there already snow where you live? I’m so used to 7 months of snow each year (sometimes 8), that it still feels like autumn in London to me Not sure if I see snow this year again (saw a lot in the beginning of the year) and not sure about next year either. Ну что, уже лежит снег там, где вы живете? Или вообще снега не бывает? Я так привыкла с 7-8 месяцам снега в СПб, что Лондонская зима кажется мне осенью! Не знаю, увижу ли я снег ещё раз в этом году или даже следующем. . . . . . #neuschwansteincastle #neuschwanstein #neuschwanstein #нойшванштайн #германия #бавария #bavaria #deutschland #freistaatbayern #germany #travelblogger #travelblog #трэвелблог #блоггер #living_europe

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6. Global Help Swap @globalhelpswap

7. Dannielle from @danniellelily

8. Aleksandra from @aleksandraontour

9. Kash from @budgettraveller

Wonderful Copenhagen

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10. Oneika from @oneikatraveller

Update: Whee! Volcanic ash levels are down in Bali and the airport there has reopened! We've spent the last couple of days on the (currently very wet!) Indonesian island of Java biting our nails and following the news anxiously. Luckily we are scheduled to return to Bali tomorrow and our flight back to the USA leaves on Sunday evening. While it sounds like we're not necessarily in the clear yet (Mt. Agung still seems angry), the reopening of the airport is a good sign that things have calmed down for now (and we won't have to seek the otherwise painful alternatives to get back home). So thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes. Fingers crossed we'll be able to catch our flight back to Bali tomorrow without issue! Also, after my last update recounting some of the issues I've had on my travels (bad weather, a mugging, getting caught in protests) a few people (jokingly?) said that bad luck seems to follow me wherever I go, and that my misfortunes seem to be a sign that I shouldn't be travelling at all. But to be honest? I don't believe that at all! I've been blessed with luck and abundance on my travels near and far, and if you consider how much I've experienced (I've visited 103 countries on 6 continents, many of them multiple times, and am on a plane at least 4 to 5 times a month), the negative things that have happened to me are relatively few in number. I've chosen positivity instead of fear, and it's made all the difference. Looking forward to chilling on the beach tomorrow in Bali with a fruity drink in my hand...

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11. Katie from @the_hostelgirl

Did you know that St Peter's Tomb was built upon layers of catacombs? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In 64 AD there was a huge fire in #Rome. Emperor Nero decided that the Christian community was to blame for the fire and proceeded to persecute the Christians of Rome. This is also the year that many believe Saint Peter died by crucifixion, and was buried in a tomb above which now stands the Basilica that is named after him. However, Peter wasn't the only Christian to be buried in the grounds that we now call the Vatican City. Before the Basilica even existed, the grounds around it were frequently used to bury Christians, many of whom were buried after crucifixion at the Circus of Nero. Then, it wasn't until 1939 that the foundations of the Vatican City were opened for archeological research. Before then, many of the catacombs and burial sites hadn't been seen by human eyes in over 1,000 years! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Today, the grounds around St Peter's Basilica are green gardens and luxurious halls lined with ancient artefacts and priceless paintings. You'll need at least half a day to see everything, so make sure to take a large bottle of water with you and some snacks! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #thehostelgirl #VaticanCity

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12. Dave from @traveldaveuk

Iceland: The land of black sandy beaches and washed up icebergs. beauty awaits around every corner. #iceland

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13. Nellie from @wildjunket

14. Silvia from @heartmybackpack

15. Rachel from @hippieinheelsblog

Which travel Instagrammers do you love to check out?