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4 Alternative Destinations For Your Next Summer Holiday

Summer is upon us; despite what the current weather may have you believe! With the school summer holidays on the horizon, Brits are turning their minds to their all-important summer getaway.

However, many are looking to slightly more alternative resorts than the traditional Spanish ones. With Brexit still looming and many of the popular Spanish resorts at capacity, holidaymakers are looking a little further afield for their fix of sun, sand and sea!

Sopot, Poland

When you think of places to visit for a beach holiday in the summer, Poland isn’t usually high on that list – or possibly even on the list at all! However, it’s definitely a destination not to dismiss when planning a getaway. On the Baltic coast of Poland not too far from Gdnask is Sopot, a seaside town that has the longest pier in Europe.

Sopot is slightly reminiscent of the British seaside towns of yesteryear, so if you prefer a calmer paced holiday full of beach side activities and cafes, then this is the one for you.

Essaouira, Morocco

Morocco may not strike you as a beach holiday destination, but with miles upon miles of beautiful coastline there are some stunning shores to visit in the North African country. Essaouira is our pick of the bunch as it mixes great beach vibes with lots of cute little towns to explore and adventures to be had – the perfect mix for a holiday. The town was used for many scenes in the recent HBO hit series Game of Thrones, so make sure to pack your camera for some great pics.

Essaouira isn’t just known for its beautiful beach, but more so it’s all important working fishing Port; which makes it the perfect place to grab a tea in a port side café and watch the world go by.

Korcula, Croatia

The islands surrounding Croatia are often referred to as the new Greek Isles, mainly due to their beauty and history. Hvar may be more well known for its celebrity fans, such as George Clooney and Prince Harry, but it’s so much more than that. With beautiful white buildings sat atop quaint cobbled streets, it’s certainly a destination you want to explore more of.

Hvar has some of the best beaches that Croatia has to offer, not to mention plenty of them. Some of our must visits are Malo Zarace and Dubovica, which are both fairly secluded and quiet – so you can escape your fellow tourists for some down time!

Varna, Bulgaria

Bulgaria has long been an alternative favourite to the more popular European destinations such as Spain, so it’s not surprise it’s made our list. Varna is located in the north east of the country, and the region spans over 4,000 kilometres so there are lots of places to discover there apart from the beaches and secluded coves.

One of the more popular beaches is 13 kilometres long and in some parts 300 metres wide, so lots of room for beach volleyball, building sandcastles and the all-important act of sunbathing!

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