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4 Locations From The Crown That You Can Visit

With the return of The Crown to our Netflix screens we thought it fitting that we (or should we say one) should share with you some the best filming locations from the show. With much of the show set in the UK it means it’s even easier to visit the real life settings for the hit show.

The show is set to take to the screens for another 3 series, so there will be a lot more places to add to your must visit list. But for now we are looking at the current season, so grab yourself a cup of tea and settle yourself for a jolly good time exploring these regal locations…

Wilton House, Wiltshire

The home of the Earl and Countess of Pembroke was used as a stand in for many of the Palace scenes. Visitors to the estate can stroll the grounds and view the world famous art collection with pieces from Van Dyck, Rembrandt and Richard Wilson.

Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd, Wales

The 11th century UNESCO World Heritage castle was the real life setting for Prince Charles’ investiture in 1969, and was also used in the show for the remake of the ceremony. You can visit the very castle where the Prince of Wales was given his royal insignia and recreate the moment yourself – or maybe not.

Lancaster House, London

Another stand in for the Palace is the 19th century former royal residence, Lancaster House. Due to the proximity to the actual Palace you can tick both of these locations off together, for the ultimate Crown experience.

The Hylands House, Essex

The council owned building was used as the setting for one of the most famous houses in the world – The White House. Despite how it looks in the show the cast were not flown over to the DC for the White House scenes but were instead taken to Essex. Hylands is usually home to V Festival – a slightly less glamorous affair – and also private functions such as weddings.

Have you visited any of these locations? Drop us a tweet and let us know what you thought - @icelollyholiday! Until next time.

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