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4 Reasons Why Calais Should Be Your Next Trip

France boasts many popular cities to visit, which means some get overlooked in favour of Paris or St. Tropez. For a long time, Calais has been known as mainly a 'booze cruise' break or quick day trip destination, but it is certainly more than just that.


When you think of France and culture, you most likely think of Paris, however Calais is also up there on the list. The small city is packed with cafes serving unique foods, coffee shops bustling with young people and a whole lot of street art. As the city is fairly small, it's easy to navigate and not worry that you'll miss something or won’t have chance to go somewhere. With this in mind, summer time is perfect for getting local cheeses and breads from a deli and spending an afternoon in the city parks just people watching.


Not far outside the bustling city of Calias you're surrounded by beautiful countryside, little French cottages and plenty of fresh air. Just a short trip out of the centre by taxi or bus and you're met with stunning views, little lakes and quaint French cafes serving tasty pastries. Although the buses to the countryside do run quite regularly, on Sundays they seem to take on a countryside pace and stick to their own schedule, so make sure to set off back in plenty of time - just in case.


There are so many beautiful buildings to snap and look upon in awe, none more so than the Town Hall in Calais centre. Built in 1911, the building is a sight to see; the belfry stands at over 78 metres tall, and if you aren't too scared of heights you can take a lift all the way to the top and view the amazing panoramic views. If history is your thing, there's no shortage of historical sites and wanders, Charles de Gualle for example was married in the Town Hall in 1921.

The Shopping

One of the main attractions of Calais is shopping, but it's not all about the wine. Just outside the centre, you can find the Cite Europe shopping complex, which houses over 120 shops. The main attraction to Cite Europe is Carrefour, which is a large hypermarket stocked full of everything you could want, including over 10 aisles of wine. Also in Cite Europe, you'll find Sephora, H&M, local French stores, and C&A - a long gone store from British shores.

Of course, the other bonus of Calais is that it is not too far from the UK, meaning you won’t suffer from jet lag and travelling to get there won’t take too much time. Not only that, but the Belgian border is only a 30 minute drive away should you want to explore further or pick up some famous Belgian chocolate.