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4 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe In The Sun

Here at HQ we are a sun safe bunch, and to help promote sun care awareness we recently teamed up with Melanoma UK to mark Sun Safety Awareness Month. Our joint campaign with the charity is designed to educate people on sun care both at home and abroad – sun safety isn’t just for your holiday, it’s for the everyday too.

The campaign marks the start of a partnership with Melanoma UK, and as our CEO Richard Singer recently said “Holidays are about creating lasting memories for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons. We’re looking forward to working with this important charity on their Sun Safety Campaign and help raise awareness of the need to take care of ourselves and our family”

With that in mind we’re sharing our top tips to staying safe in the sun, both at home and on your holiday…

1. Make Sure Your Sun Cream Is Up To Scratch

Although sun cream shouldn’t be used as your only form of protection, it is one of the main forms. There are several things to look out for and to consider when purchasing sun cream, many of which people overlook. SPF30 and above should be used, and waterproof if possible. Along with the SPF you should always look out for a broad spectrum protection (this protects against UVA and UVB) with a star rating of 5. Creams that are not broad spectrum only protect against sunburn, and not skin cancer or skin aging.

You should apply your chosen cream 20-30 minutes before exposure to the sun, and reapply the frequently and generously, on average every 90-120 minutes in order to ensure you’re always as protected as can be.

2. Keep Your Skin Covered

We know that when the sun is out and it’s hot the last thing you want to do is pop on your winter warmers. However, covering your skin is one of the easiest ways to protect it whilst exposed to sun. Wearing loose clothing made from natural fibres will help to keep you cool whilst still being covered, items such as cotton sun dresses and linen trousers are perfect.

3. Avoid High Times

Staying out of the sun whilst it’s at its highest is a great way to protect your skin. From 11am until 3pm find a nice shady area to avoid the strong rays, and also to help keep yourself cool! If you’re out and about exploring during these times, it’s a perfect excuse to find a nice place to eat or stop off for a few drinks somewhere.

4. The Best Of The Rest

Don’t forget to protect other aspects of your body too; wearing SPF on your lips, ensuring your sunglasses are a minimum of 99% UV absorption and keeping your scalp protected with a sun hat. Not to mention drinking lots of fluids to keep hydration up

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