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5 All Inclusive Myths Dispelled

We’ve all heard the common myths and misconceptions when it comes to all inclusive getaways, but are they really true? Here at we love nothing more than an all inclusive holiday, so we’ve spent hours on the computer looking at all inclusive breaks to research the myths and misconceptions – we promise it was all for research, honest!

1. All The Resorts Are The Same

This totally depends on the style of the resort you choose – many chain resorts do like to keep things consistent across their many hotels. But, if that isn’t your style of the hotel and you prefer little quirks and styles then there are plenty of resorts where you can get your fix of uniqueness. Don’t let the idea of staying in the ‘same old same old’ put you off an all inclusive break, as many hotels cater to different tastes and expectations.

2. There’s No Local Culture When You Go All Inclusive

Don’t let this misconception fool you, there’s plenty of local cultures if you want to immerse yourself in it. Many hotels offer local food dishes on certain evenings, so you can indulge in the tastes of local cuisine, alongside this they will usually offer local entertainment such as dances.

Most resorts have local bus information available at reception if you want to go exploring, and they can usually arrange trips to local cultural sights or points of interest too. If you love nothing more than new experiences and cultures whilst travelling, then an all inclusive resort won’t hinder this at all.

3. You Gain Lots Of Weight

With virtually unlimited food and drink at your fingertips it’s easy to believe that’ll you pile on the pounds; however, this isn’t the case if you don’t want to. Yes, it’s easy to get carried away when faced with a buffet of delicious looking food or endless snacks, however, there are ways to keep you from over-indulging. With plenty of fresh salad, fruit and vegetables it’s actually easy to eat healthily; couple that with plenty of walking to see the sights, swimming in the pools and on-site gym facilities you may even find yourself being healthier whilst on an all inclusive holiday.

4. There’s Only Buffet Food To Choose From

With the rise of the all inclusive over the last few years resorts have adapted to customers wants and needs, so you’ll now find more than just a 4 dish buffet for your evening meal. Many resorts, especially long-haul destinations, now offer on-site a-la-carte dining experiences for travellers. With everything from Mexican to Italian restaurants on-site you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to cuisine.

5. There’s Nothing To Do Except Lay Around The Pool

As with most things in life, a holiday is what you make it. If you want to laze around the pool all day relaxing with a good book then you can, if joining in the activities is more your thing then the entertainment teams are always happy to help. With resorts packed full of fun things to do you’re never short of an activity to keep you entertained; from fitness centres, water aerobics, snorkelling, diving, boat trips and more. Your holiday is yours to make as relaxing or active as you want.

What myths have you heard about all inclusive holidays?