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5 Most Annoying People You’ll Meet At The Airport

Check-in queues, delays, taking your shoes off at security - there's a lot of stress and boredom that comes with getting through the airport. But none comes close to the irritation caused by your fellow travellers...

The Over-Packer

There’s always one person who has packed enough clothes for a year, and is then surprised when their case is over the airline weight limit. You’ll have to watch them re-pack their case at least three times before they finally move on and normal order can resume.

Person struggling to close a full suitcase

The Unhappy Baby

Holidays are supposed to be fun, but this kid has clearly missed the memo. They cry at customs, they scream through security and you can just bet they’ll be on your plane.

Crying baby

The First-Timer

“What do you mean I’m not allowed liquids?!” God knows what rock this guy’s been living under; the first-timer is eternally shocked and outraged by the most basic security rules. You might feel sorry for them if you weren’t stuck behind them in the line…

People walking through the airport

The Lurker at the Gate

Is their row being called yet? No. Do they care? No. The Lurker will be queued up at the gate before the airline staff even arrive, and will hold their position even when they are blatantly blocking all the people who are actually being asked to board.

People queuing at the airport gate

The Bullying Bag Collector

We’re all in a rush to escape the airport and start our holiday as soon as we land, but this person takes the cake. They claim their position at the bag carousel before it even starts moving, and woe betide anyone who tries to sneak past them to grab their case. All we can do is secretly hope their luggage got lost somewhere along the way… 

Person collecting luggage from baggage carousel

By Kate Moxon – Suffering from Airport Rage