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5 Reasons To Travel In 2021

Dreaming of your next escape? For many of us, wanderlust is at an all-time high. The temptation to ditch our well-worn joggers for holiday clothes is real. Who knew we'd miss drinking overpriced coffee in an airport departure lounge? Given current restrictions, we've been busy discovering 37 different routes to the sofa. However, our thoughts are now turning to that well-deserved getaway, post-lockdown.

Read on to discover our top five reasons to travel in 2021.

Reconnect for real

You've spent a year telling loved ones to take themselves off mute. Now tune into them in real-time with a family escape to Florida. Whether you want to get your thrills at Universal Orlando Resort, explore the Everglades or unwind on the beautiful Sarasota beach, there's something for everyone. The unforgettable theme parks mean you won't have to endure any more "I'm bored" conversations. Plus, there's nothing quite like the shared terror of the Hulk rollercoaster in bringing a family together.

A romantic getaway

There's a lot to be said for sharing a good Netflix series, or even just a takeaway coffee. But why not escape your overly familiar four walls with a UK holiday. Take a leaf out of Julia Bradbury's book and step up your daily walk with a picturesque hike in Cornwall. The uplifting eight-part series highlights the stunning beauty of the Cornish coast. Whether you take a romantic stroll to Land's End or the famous Enys Dodnan Arch, you won't be disappointed. From cottages to campsites, the demand for UK breaks is expected to be high. Stay ahead of the crowds with our great new UK search here.

Do something extra

Step outside your comfort zone this year and experience something new. Remember all those things you said you'd do one day? In 2021 we'll say yes. Whether you're exploring ancient ruins or swimming in crystal-clear cenotes, there's no shortage of adventure in Cancun. Live like a king in a club suite complete with a jacuzzi here. Let's be honest, after a year of deep scrolling Instagram for beach snaps; you deserve to be beachfront. Where better than a 5-star hotel to be a little extra? There's even a free hydrotherapy treatment and $200 resort credit thrown in.

Rediscover the outdoors

If there's one thing the pandemic has taught us (aside from our need to stock up on toilet roll), it's the benefits of open space. Get your fresh-air fix with a trip to Italy. A new coast-to-coast hiking trail in Calabria allows you to experience the rich natural beauty of the region. From white-sand beaches to rugged mountains, we guarantee you'll be amazed. According to Lonely Planet, there's a passport associated with the trail that allows hikers to mark their progress with stamps from each town along the way. So what are you waiting for? Switch your at-home workout for your passport today.

Make up for lost time

Ultimately, we've missed out on many occasions during lockdown, from drinks at the local to weddings and big birthday bashes. Enter 2021, the year of getting dressed up for places other than your living room. Whether you put your Tik-Tok training to good use while partying in Paphos or get back to wilderness with a European camping holiday, make sure you celebrate in style.

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