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5 Spooktacular Places You Can Visit All Year Round

With Halloween fast approaching, we've selected five spooky destinations you can visit all year round. After all, scary attractions shouldn't be exclusive to October. From the ghost-ridden streets of York to the dark side of Paris, we've got the perfect holidays for fellow fright seekers. Continue reading at your peril.

London, UK

If you're searching for scarily good attractions, then London is the place for you. Start with a visit to the Tower of London. Once a notorious prison, the tower gained a grim reputation as a place for torture and high-profile executions. Fancy a ghost sighting with your lunch? Pop in for a pint at the Ten Bells. Descend into London Tombs, situated beneath London Bridge for an award-winning immersive scare maze. With zombies, clowns and butchers hiding in the vaults, this experience is guaranteed to make you scream.

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York, North Yorkshire

York has long been considered the most haunted city in Europe, and it's easy to see why. From churchyards to narrow alleys and spooky pubs, there's no shortage of places stalked by spirits. Discover notorious local haunts with an ominous ghost tour. Take a trip to York Dungeon and journey through 2000 years of York's darkest history with captivating storytelling, immersive sets and electrifying special effects. From the Viking Invasion to the dreaded Torture Chamber, you'll experience the city's most horrible history. Make sure to explore the Shambles, a medieval cobbled street with a colourful past. It's easy to lose yourself in the narrow, twisting lanes.

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Paris, France

While many refer to Paris as the city of love, it also has a darker, more mysterious side. For an alternative trip to France's capital, explore the catacombs. The ancient burial ground dates back to the 1700s, when the city turned to its labyrinth of mining tunnels as an alternative to already overflowing cemeteries. A mile-long stretch of this unusual attraction is open to the public. Fans of the supernatural should visit the Museum of Vampires. The odd collection, including an anti-vampire kit and mummified cat, is sure to give you goosebumps.

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Raynham Hall, Norfolk

The site of one of the most famous ghost photos of all time, Raynham Hall, is reportedly home to the Brown Lady. Her name relates to the brown dress she is said to wear as she wanders the corridors and stairs of this grand architectural treasure. First sighted during a Christmas gathering in 1835, residents and staff of the site have sporadically reported encountering a lady with empty eye sockets gliding through the house. If paranormal activity is your thing, head to Norfolk and search for the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall yourself.

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Renowned for its romance, spectacular architecture and picturesque canals, it's easy to fall under Venice's spell. But dig deeper, and you'll see there's more than meets the eye in the popular Italian city. Visit Palazzo Dario, the 'house that kills,' and discover a 15th century haunted house cursed with tales of murder, tragic accidents, and many other grizzly ends for its owners. When you've had enough of horror, we'd recommend climbing Saint Mark's Bell Tower for soothing sunset views. There's nothing like a Venetian Spritz when it comes to settling the nerves!

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