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5 Things That'll Make Your Next Holiday So Much Easier

Looking for holiday deals can be stressful; from finding the best deals to the airport queues, it can all seem like a little too much at times. But it doesn’t have to be like this, and there are several ways in which you can reduce all that pre-holiday stress. All it takes is a little forward planning…

1. Compare Holidays

It can be a little daunting once you’ve decided to jet away on holiday as there are a vast amount of travel sites out there that you could book with. Instead of spending hours trawling the internet for the best deal, check out comparison sites like so you can find the stand put offer as quickly as possible.

If you can be flexible with your travel dates, be sure to use our pricing ticker at the top of all our searches, as this allows you to easily compare costs based on travel dates. Bear in mind that it may work out cheaper to jet off a few days before or after your initially selected date.

2. Ordering Currency

The days of traveller’s cheques are long gone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be safe when it comes to going abroad with large amounts of money. Our friends over at WeSwap offer a genius way of keeping your holiday spends safe with their easy-to-use card.

It works in the same way as a debit/credit card, just without the hefty charges. You can find out additional information about getting more for your money in our handy blog post.

3. Packing For Your Flight

We spend time packing for our beach holidays but most of us forget to pack for the flight itself, which can result in your air time feeling longer than it actually is, and slightly tedious. Be sure to make the most of your flight by packing some essentials in your hand luggage, items such as books, fully charged tablets and puzzle books can keep boredom at bay.

To avoid the high prices of food and drink onboard, be sure to pack some snacks in your hand luggage too.

4. Get Appy

The rise of technology means that there’s a whole world of knowledge at your fingertips, especially in the form of mobile apps. There are an abundance of free apps that will take the stress out of travelling. DuoLingo and Google Translate can help with learning or translating different languages, so whether you need to speak, write or read in the local dialogue, these apps have you covered.

If you struggle with keeping all your travel documents safe and in one place, check out the TripIt, which allows you to store everything together in the app. From flight tickets and hotel vouchers to car rental confirmations, you can keep them logged in one place.

5. Waiting At The Airport

Once you’re through the security checks, the wait for your departure can be a little boring and expensive. To take the tedium out of your wait, why not book into the airport lounge? The cost of things like a newspaper, drink and meal in the departure lounge can easily cost up to £20, so checking in to a lounge will help save a bit of money.

From around £25pp, you can indulge in all you can eat and drink, plus there will be TVs, papers and magazines to keep you occupied.

What top tips do you have for making holidays as stress free as possible?