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5 Travel Themed Games To Keep The Whole Family Entertained

Whether you are looking to enjoy some quality together, escape reality or keep the kids busy, lockdown is the perfect time to break out the board games and try out some popular games on your devices. We may not be able to go outdoors, but we're still allowed to have fun.

We've listed tried-and-tested classics as well as new and exciting games, so whatever you're into, you'll be able to find something to keep the whole family entertained.


Roll two six-sided dice to navigate the streets of London in the classic version (or whichever other versions you may have e.g. Springfield in The Simpsons variation) through a character of your choosing. The aim of the game is to buy properties with your Monopoly money, and using the money earnt from collecting rent from the players who land on them, develop them with houses and hotels.

Although best enjoyed as a good old fashioned board game, Monopoly can be downloaded on IOS or Android or played through your web browser.


This game drops you in an undisclosed location that could be anywhere in the world, and you get to explore and guess where you are. Play detective by looking around at road or restaurant signs, the architecture, the climate, anything you can think of that may give you a clue about your whereabouts, before dropping a pin on the destination you think you may be in.

You can play for free online, or make an account and upgrade to gain access to higher quality maps, build your very own maps, compete with friends.


Everyone loves a good quiz, which is why we're recommending Quizup, the biggest trivia game in the world. You can play online by challenging friends or random opponents from around the world in a wide variety of topics with the travel-based ones ranging from flags and world geography to individual countries like Japan.

The app is free to download on iOS and Android, but you have the option to make in-app purchases if you wish.

Mario Kart Tour

With just one finger, you can race other players with ease, powering up and slinging devastating items as you head straight for first place in each and every game. A modern version of classic Mario Kart, this game introduces brand new courses inspired by popular cities from across the globe, giving you the chance to see your favourite landmarks from a whole different perspective.

Although the Nintendo Switch version, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, retails for around £40, you can download this app on iOS or Android without spending a penny.

The Sims Mobile

Play the hit game to transport yourself to an alternate universe where you can create and control virtual people or 'Sims' – building their homes and fulfilling their needs (hunger, social, education, etc). Warning - this game is highly addictive, even for casual players.

The Sims has finally come to iOS and Android so that users can get their fix of The Sims on the move, rather than on PC.

Will you be trying any of these games? Did we miss any of your favourites off the list? Tweet @icelollyholiday and let us know!

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