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5 Ways To Bring The Holiday To You This August Bank Holiday

If you're anything like us here at, you'll already be thinking about your next getaway. The recent change in self-isolation rules has encouraged many holidaymakers to book last-minute trips to their favourite destinations. Whether you have something booked or not, the upcoming bank holiday is the perfect time to get that holiday feeling back. Discover our top tips on bringing the holiday to you this August.

Browse those holiday snaps

There's no better way to recall those treasured holiday memories than scrolling through your Instagram feed. From the obligatory airport beer photo to the classic "hot dog or legs" snap, you may remember some previously forgotten travel moments. Whether you sipped cocktails in Spain, swam with turtles in Mexico or explored ancient walled towns in Croatia, you can relive all the highlights through your phone. The more traditional ones amongst us may have physical photo albums or scrapbooks to flick through. Warning: may cause serious wanderlust.

Plan your next holiday

If there's one thing the past 18 months taught us (aside from how to make the perfect banana bread), it's the importance of leisure time. Planning a trip in advance gives you more time to shop around for the best deals. Whether you're looking for an unforgettable all-inclusive holiday, city break or an epic cruise, there are plenty of great options on Remember all those places you said you'd visit one day? Now is the time. Search now for the best possible options and book while availability is good. Those of you with an ever-increasing list of destinations to see can always plan your multiple trips. Treat yourself; you deserve it!

Host a themed night

Few things in life are more exciting than dressing up and throwing a themed evening, especially when the theme is your favourite holiday destination! Set the tone for the night with some traditional Spanish flamenco music or upbeat Italian pop songs that make you want to dance. Those of you craving a trip to Italy can start the evening with a few olives followed by a first-class pizza and a glass of Italian red wine. Stay up late and toast your next trip with a glass of Limoncello. If your thoughts are turning to Spain, no bad night has ever started with tapas and sangria.

Watch a film set in your favourite holiday destination

With the three-day weekend approaching, there’s never been a better time to change into your joggers, grab some nachos and settle into your sofa ready for a day in front of the TV. Transport yourself back to your favourite holiday destination in the form of a film. Make sure to choose something with great weather, stunning scenery and top tourist attractions. We recommend watching Mamma Mia! (2008) for a healthy dose of Greek sunshine and hit ABBA songs. Many of the beautiful outdoor scenes were filmed on the small Greek island of Skopelos.

Book your next holiday

What better way to bring the holiday to you than by actually booking one? Whether you're planning a last-minute UK trip or an international getaway later in the year, we've got you covered. Give yourself something to look forward to and start that holiday countdown today.

Find your next holiday now!

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