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5 Ways To Make Your Next Holiday A Luxury One

Living the life of luxury might not be an everyday thing for many, but when travelling it’s often not too expensive to add little bits of the high life in as a treat. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to feel like you’re on a luxury holiday, it’s all about making small upgrades to add the luxe vibe…

1. Book Into The Airport Lounge

What better way to start your getaway than with a trip to the airport's private lounge? You can book into these from around £20-30 per person, giving you access to free drinks, food and a selection of papers before your flight.

You are usually given about three hours and can choose from spirits, wines, beers, soft drinks and lots of yummy nosh. Not only that but you are secluded from the main hustle and bustle of the airport so can sit back and relax in style.

2. Upgrade Your Flight

Not the cheapest of ways to add some luxury, but definitely one of the fancier options. However, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to upgrade your flight if you’re smart about it!

Use price comparison sites like to help save money on your journey which you can then use to upgrade. Failing that, ask at the check-in desk as there are often cheaper upgrades available on the day of your flight if they are not sold prior to check-in.

3. Add Some Bubbles

Is there anything that feels fancier than relaxing on a comfy hotel bed, in a fancy hotel robe drinking champagne and nibbling on strawberries? No, no there isn’t.

This is a quick way to make your travel feel a little more luxurious without breaking the bank. Whether you order champagne from the hotel or source your own to save a bit of cash, it still gives that luxe vibe.

4. Head To The Spa

Quite a lot of newer hotels feature spa facilities and treatments but they’re not often the first port of call when travelling. However, don’t be quick to dismiss the spa on your next getaway as treatments are often a lot cheaper than if you were to indulge here in the UK, and they add some extra relaxation to your holiday.

5. Pick A Private Pool

The ultimate in holiday luxury has to be a private pool! There has been a rise in hotel rooms with such a facility on the balcony, so they are now more accessible than ever.

It certainly provides some privacy from other holidaymakers and takes away the daily fight for sun loungers around the main hotel pool. Rooms with private pools are a little more expensive than standard accommodation, but aren’t totally out of scope for most holiday-goers.

Do you have any top tips for making your holiday a little more luxurious? Let us know by tweeting @icelollyholiday!

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