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6 Girls You Find in Every Summer Holiday WhatsApp Group

When you get your girls together for a group holiday, the first thing you do is make a WhatsApp group. It’ll be super easy, you think, the best way for us all to suggest ideas and plan the trip, you think! Unfortunately it’s never that simple, but the one thing you can rely on is the personalities that are in every girls’ holiday WhatsApp chat. Which one are you?

The Mother

Every friend group needs someone to take charge, and the Mother can always be counted on to sort everything out. She finds the best flight options, tracks down the cheapest hotel deals and takes charge of collecting money when nobody else wants to volunteer, often with little to no appreciation from the rest of the group. If you were planning on relaxing by the pool all week, think again – the Mother will have arranged a detailed itinerary for each day.


The Sheep

The Mother does all the leg work – all she asks in return is that everyone gives quick answers on what options to go for so she can get on with booking. The Sheep can’t even do this; she will um and ah, sit on the fence, and generally wait for everybody else to make the decision so she can just agree. If you only have one or two of these in your group it can actually make things easier, but if you have several you’ll still be dithering over what destination to pick when autumn rolls around.


The Ghoster

The Ghoster haunts the chat from the beginning – you can see she’s read all the messages but for some reason she can never quite be bothered to reply. You get just enough communication from her to make sure she’s definitely coming and get payment money, and apart from that she’ll meet you at the airport. The Ghoster is also most likely to go MIA once you’re on holiday, mysteriously disappearing from beaches and bars and rocking up back at the hotel as if she’s been with you the whole time.


The Curveball

All everyone wants is a simple beach holiday in Spain or Greece, but the Curveball always derails the conversation with mad ideas that nobody’s interested in. A camping festival in the middle of nowhere? A week in Belarus? A wildly over-budget trip to Thailand? All these suggestions and more will land in the group chat, and each time everyone has to awkwardly ignore them until enough time has passed that you can go back to talking about the holiday you’re actually planning.


The Party Girl

The Party Girl is easy-going about most of the decisions, but she’s serious about having a good time. While everyone else is researching hotels, she’ll be sending links to the hottest party nights and collecting money for VIP club tickets. The Party Girl is an essential member of any girls’ holiday group – when people are flagging at 2am she’s the one you can count on to rally the troops and make sure everyone stays out until dawn.


The Princess

While most of the group might be content to take hand luggage only or share cases to save a few quid, the Princess will insist on buying the biggest suitcase allowance possible so she can take half her wardrobe and all her home comforts. She’ll need help dragging her case up every flight of stairs and she’ll keep everyone waiting while she perfects her make-up for the beach, but she will have a bit of spare space if you need somewhere to put your liquids, and plenty of clothes to borrow if you realise you’ve packed a little too light. So, pros and cons.


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