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6 Incredible Long Haul Holiday Spots To Add To Your Bucket List

All travel enthusiastic folk like ourselves have one big thing in common – a holiday bucket list! Each person will have their own with various places they want to visit, experiences they want to enjoy, perhaps who they want to do it with, and even when.

It’s a good way to document those future travel plans, and ticking each thing off, one at a time, brings a huge sense of satisfaction. You’ve likely got a few short haul destinations on your radar, maybe a European beach break, a Christmas market trip on the continent or perhaps even a relaxing UK staycation.

We’re going to focus on a few long haul holiday destinations in this article however, each very special in their own way and certainly worth a spot on your travel bucket list!

Disclaimer: Please refer to the government’s most up to date advice for individual destinations before attempting to travel, and make sure you’re aware of any local rules and guidelines.


What could be better than waking up to bright blue skies and the sound of crystal clear waters washing against the golden sands of a beautiful beach? That’s exactly what you can expect in the stunning Maldives, a place of ultimate blissfulness and stunning tranquillity.

There are many top class hotels to choose from, or for a slice of true luxury, book yourself into a beach house which are often located within the sea itself, providing direct access to the turquoise waters and incredible views aplenty.


Located in Indonesia, Bali is known for its forested volcanic mountains, coral reefs and beaches as well as several religious sites for those that are into local culture and beliefs. As with most long haul spots, the stretches of sea and sand are plentiful and pretty amazing, so make sure to back your beachwear and prepare for full on relaxation.

Make sure to visit the temples, caves, waterfalls, markets and museums for the full Bali holiday experience and learn about local legends and Balinese traditions in the likes of Ubud.


You’re probably soon going to notice a trend here, but the beaches of Thailand really are something to behold and a must visit during any holiday there. Some of the most beautiful and popular islands include Ko Samui, Ko Samet, Krabi and Ko Phi Phi, where the sands are golden and the waters are clear and warm – perfect for a little paddle in the sunshine!

Try to combine your Thailand beach break with a trip to the country’s capital, Bangkok, where the quaint food stalls will curb your hunger and the busy streets provide a true idea of how the locals live.


No long haul holiday shortlist is complete without the addition of Dubai, arguably the spot that has become more and more popular at as great a rate as any over the last few years. Live the life of luxury in this beautiful holiday spot by shopping in the Dubai Mall and make sure to visit the stunning Burj Khalifa.

Because of the location of Dubai, desert safaris are also popular with tourists, try a dune buggy in the sand for a holiday experience like no other.


Not only are the beaches pretty beautiful and the weather as hot as any long haul holiday destination should be, Mexico also has one of the world’s most popular types of cuisine, with fajitas, tacos, quesadillas and burritos all hailing from this food-loving country. It’s also home to tequila and some of the country’s beer brands are amongst the most famous in the world.

Cancun is quite probably the most popular resort along Mexico’s Caribbean coast and well worth a visit, whilst Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta on the opposite side are also very common tourist spots.

The Caribbean

Okay so we realise the Caribbean is a collection of islands as opposed to simply one single holiday destination to add to your long haul holiday bucket list, but it’s difficult to whittle it down as we’re sure you’ll agree!

Cruise holidays are a great way to experience many of the islands in one trip, or you could even fly to a variety of different ones during a two or three week break. Barbados, Antigua, Jamaica, St Lucia and all the rest, each island comes with a beauty of its own, stunning beaches and world renowned food and beverages for a vacay to truly remember.

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