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6 Of The Creepiest Travel Destinations You Need To Visit

The Halloween season is upon us and we thought we would celebrate all things creepy and slightly strange when it comes to holidays. Alternative travel has seen a boom of late and shows like Dark Tourist on Netflix really highlight the many weird and wonderful places you can visit around the world. Sit back and prepare to be creeped out…

1. Chernobyl, Ukraine

Pripyat is home to the nuclear site of Chernobyl, where over 50,000 people were evacuated after a nuclear disaster in 1986. The town was evacuated in a rush after the meltdown and many people left all their belongings behind, this coupled with the fact it has been uninhabitable since the disaster gives it a very eerie feel.

Scientists estimate the area will be uninhabitable for the next 20,000 years due to radiation, however you can visit for short lengths of time now that the levels are at a safer number due to a sarcophagus encasing the reactor.

Around the town you will find apartment blocks, schools and hospitals all abandoned, however the most haunting scene is the desolate amusement park which was never opened and now stands rotting slowly. You can visit and enter most places on the site, however the red forest is still mostly off limits due to higher radiation levels.

2. The Gates Of Hell, Turkmenistan

Ok, so they aren’t technically the gates to hell, but we’re sure if such a thing existed this is what they’d looked like. The giant hole in the earth is in the middle of the Karakum Desert, Turkmenistan.

During the 70s scientists drilled the area searching for oil and accidently hit a methane reserve, causing a collapse resulting in the crater. Later, geologists set light to the area attempting to burn off the methane, resulting in the fire pit.

3. The Island Of Dolls, Mexico

Isla de las Munecas in Mexico, also known as the Island Of Dolls, is home to hundreds of creepy dolls that hang from trees and fences. It's believed that over 50 years ago, a little girl drowned there, and the caretaker was unable to save her.

The man said the little girl's spirit haunted the island and her screams could be heard there at night time, so in a way to appease her spirit he started to collect dolls and leave them on the island for her. What makes the dolls so creepy is that many have been there for a long time and are now weathered, missing limbs and have empty eye sockets, all this and the sheer number of them certainly ups the creepy factor.

4. Church Of Bones, Czech Republic

Sedlec Ossuary is not your average church. From the outside, all looks as it should be, but once you enter you start to see that the interior is a little different; it’s full of bones. Complete with a coat of arms and altar made from bones, plus a spectacular bone chandelier, it’s certainly a little creepy.

5. The Hill Of Crosses, Lithuania

The Hill Of Crosses in northern Lithuania is home to over 100,000 crosses atop a hill, which have been added by locals since the 14th century. Over the years the reasons for adding crosses has changed. Originally, they were done so as a show of longing for independence and then to remember dead rebel fighters.

Despite the area having been bulldozed several times over the years, locals keep adding crosses to keep the site alive. The eerie hill is now a hotspot for tourists in Lithuania, with many capturing the variety of crosses that are there.

6. Beelitz-Heilstatten Hospital, Germany

Over the years Beelitz-Heilstatten Hospital has had many uses, including a tuberculosis sanatorium between 1898 to 1930, before then being used as a hospital for mustard gas and machine gun victims during WW1, one of which was Adolf Hitler. Throughout WW2, the facility was used as a hospital for Nazi soldiers who were wounded and later as a military hospital for the Soviet army. The hospital is now mostly abandoned, decaying and overgrown, giving off a very creepy feel when walking the grounds.

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