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6 Reasons Why We Love Italy

Italy is one of Europe's most beloved holiday destinations. From the Colosseum of Rome to the vineyards of Tuscany, there's something for everyone. Fully-vaccinated travellers no longer have to quarantine on arrival in Italy, meaning holidaymakers can spend valuable time exploring. Whether you decide to explore the spectacular historic sites, or unwind on some of the world's finest beaches, prepare to be impressed. Read on for six reasons why Italy should be on your bucket (and spade) list.

The cities

Italy is home to some of the world's most iconic and diverse cities. Capital city Rome is a must-visit destination for its rich history. There's so much to see, from ancient ruins to medieval churches and grand baroque fountains. Do you consider shopping a sport? If so, head to Milan, the heart of Italian fashion and take in the awe-inspiring architecture while you shop. The winding streets and perfectly sculpted bridges of Venice provide the ideal setting for a romantic getaway.

The lakes

Nothing soothes the soul like a natural watery landscape on a hot day, and that’s why holidaymakers love the pristine lakes of Italy. The sun-drenched shores of Lake Garda, the largest of Italy’s lakes, are dotted with gorgeous terracotta-roofed villages. Meanwhile, Lake Como’s glacial waters, borne from the dramatic Alps above, provide the perfect cool-down during the summer heat. Take a boat trip, visit a historic villa, or simply relax on the lakeside beaches with a glass of vino. A day spent here is hard to beat.

The culture

Italy has 58 UNESCO World Heritage sites, more than any other country in the world. With its abundance of historic landmarks, art and natural beauty, this is perhaps not surprising. The stunning city of Florence is a must-visit for art lovers. Anyone interested in archaeological sites should travel to the foot of Mount Vesuvius and see the ancient ruins of Pompeii. No visit to Italy would be complete without visiting Cinque Terre, a series of fishing villages wedged between the cliffs and the sea. Hikers can travel along the unique coastline brimming with pastel-coloured houses and olive trees.

The beaches

In need of some vitamin sea? Italy's coastline stretches 7600km and is certainly not short of sandy shores. Those of you craving pristine sand and crystal clear water should visit Chia Beach in South Sardinia. Known for wildlife spotting, the lagoon behind the beach is a breeding ground for pink flamingos. For a touch of glamour and potential celeb-spotting, head to Marina Grande Beach on the iconic Amalfi Coast. If you're searching for spectacular sea views, it doesn't get much better than those from Santa Maria dell'Isola. The medieval church is set high above Tropea beach in Calabria.

The cuisine

Italian cuisine needs no introduction. The selection of pizza, pasta and seafood on offer is unrivalled. There's no better place to indulge in some authentic Italian dishes than Italy itself. One thing is for sure; if you love cheese, you won't brie disappointed. When it comes to wine, you can't go wrong with a glass of Barolo. Few things in life are as exquisite as Italian desserts; make sure to save room for some tasty gelato.

The climate

A great year-round destination, Italy hosts a range of different climates. The southern region's Mediterranean climate is largely predictable, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The summer months are perfect for soaking up the reliable sun as it reflects off the shimmering blue sea. Spring and autumn offer temperatures better suited to those looking to get their steps in and explore.

In contrast, northern Italy's mountain ranges (The Apennines, the Dolomites and the Alps) provide the perfect conditions for winter sports. Grab your winter gear and head to Cortina d'Ampezzo for a taste of skiing heaven – the backdrop will blow you away.

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