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6 Reasons Why You Should Book A Trip To Madeira

So you know you’re ready to get that next much-needed holiday all sorted, and now just want to nail down which dreamy destination you’re actually going to visit. Well, we think we might have the perfect option for you!

There are many plus sides to booking a break in the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira at the moment, six of which we have listed below; so take a look and it could be just the place you’re looking to enjoy on your next vacay.

It’s Quarantine Free

As you are surely aware, the government has published a list containing the names of countries and territories that, should you visit them, would require you to quarantine for 14 days upon your return back to the UK as part of their COVID-19 guidelines.

Whilst this list is being frequently updated, Madeira is not currently on there, which means you would be free to go about your usual daily business when arriving back home as opposed to entering a two week period of self-isolation. Lots of other popular holiday spots, including Spain, Turkey, France and mainland Portugal are on the list at this time, so if they are places you would normally travel to, perhaps you should give Madeira a go on your next trip overseas!

It’s Baked In Sunshine Almost All Year Round

Whilst Madeira is a Portuguese island, it is actually located just off the west coast of Africa and slightly north of Spain’s Canary Islands. What this means is that the weather is suitably sunny almost all year round, even during the UK’s winter months when a break abroad to the heat would be more than welcome for most.

You can expect temperatures to hit the mid 20s mark during October, so a toasty trip is on the cards for sure to a perfect winter sun destination that can be arrived at in around four hours from the UK.

You Need To Try Its World Famous Wine

Madeira wine originates from, you guessed it, Madeira! You simply need to try a local tipple or two during any trip to the region, whilst visiting an actual vineyard will help you delve deeper into the history of wine making.

You can expect lots of tasting opportunities, or if you’d prefer to just knock back a glass alongside some locally produced food, simply drop into one of the many quaint bars and restaurants, particularly if you happen to be along the seafront where the views are simply something to savour.

You Can Catch A Glimpse Of Supreme Sea Life On A Dolphin & Whale Watching Trip

One way to fully experience the sea life that inhabits the shores close to Madeira is by booking onto a catamaran boat trip and heading out from the coast for a spot of dolphin and whale watching - a trip here simply isn’t complete without one, especially if you’re a big nature lover!

Remember to bring your camera to capture the creatures in all their glory, and use it as an opportunity to also take in the stunning surrounding mountains, cliffs and villages.

You Can Combine Your Trip With A Visit To Porto Santo Island

Situated towards the northeast of Madeira is Porto Santo, a mostly underdeveloped small island that boasts incredible golden, sandy beaches and views that’ll simply make you scream ‘wow’! Its 9km beach of continuous luscious coastline has given it the rather apt nickname of ‘Golden Island’, and led to it becoming its main trademark along with its turquoise, crystal-clear waters.

Make sure to visit the classically Portuguese town of Vila Baleria, with its scrumptious seafood restaurants and cosy coastal cafes.

One For The Football Fanatics - It’s The Birthplace Of Cristiano Ronaldo

As the birthplace of one of the world’s most famous sportsmen, Cristiano Ronaldo, you can expect several nods to this fact across an island which has grown in popularity following the rise to prominence of this well known superstar footballer. A man proud of his Madeiran origins, you can find a Ronaldo statue located at Praca do Mar in Funchal, whilst the Juventus forward is known to own a mega £7m villa on the island.