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6 Ways To Get Back ‘That Holiday Feeling’

For many, the year of 2020 may have seemed to drag, and with numerous holiday plans either postponed or cancelled there are a lot of us that simply just can’t wait for our next trip overseas.

Others however might have forgotten what that inner travel bug feels like as a result of their holiday-deprivation during the last three quarters of a year or so, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not there.

So, that got us thinking – how can we help people get back ‘that holiday feeling’ during 2021 as thoughts begin to turn to that next getaway? Check out our recommendations below!

1) Look through some old travel photos

Instagram was made for posting your super holiday snaps and making your friends jealous, right? Well why not simply have a scroll through your feed and remember all those beautiful travel memories you’ve experienced, whether that be sipping cocktails in Spain, seeing the sights in an intriguing European capital, or the once in a lifetime adventures enjoyed during a long haul jaunt.

The more traditional ones amongst us may have physical photo albums to flick through, though we’ve surely all at least got our smartphone’s camera roll to house our library of holiday shots and bring back beautiful travel memories.

2) Speak to friends and family about trips from times gone by

During the last 12 months, we’ve all probably spent countless hours and days sat at home with our head in our phones, but how many times have you picked it up and called your friends and family to discuss those trips abroad from yesteryear? Or to keep with the 2020 lockdown, jump on a video call, as we all are now well versed in contacting our loved ones this way as opposed to face to face.

You never know, they may be able to remember some travel moments you experienced together that you’d forgotten about, or spark that inner drive inside you to make even more as we get further into 2021.

3) Whilst you wait for your next break abroad, bring the holiday to you

You might remember that during the early days of the first lockdown the team looked to get their holiday fix via our #HolidayingAtHome idea. Essentially, we grabbed all the travel paraphernalia we could from around our houses and enjoyed a slice of holiday action without even leaving the front door!

This ranged from UK-themed city and camping breaks to flop and drop beach trips and even adventuresome safaris, all done with props found in the comfort of our own home, and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same to help that travel sensation return. Check out some of the videos our guys created for inspiration…..

4) Treat yourself to some new holiday essentials

We all deserve to treat ourselves every now and again, especially after the year we’ve had, so why not put a travel twist on your next set of purchases? Perhaps you need a new luggage bag, maybe a new camera, some packing cubes, a comfy travel pillow or earphones for those long plane journeys?

Whatever it is you’ve perhaps always been meaning to buy (and perhaps didn’t get for Christmas!), treat yourself and you never know, it might make you that little bit more excited for your next trip overseas.

5) Research new places to visit and things to do

If you’re anything like us here at HQ, you’ll have a never-ending list of destinations to visit and things to see and do on your travel check list, though there’s always room for more! Why not scroll through social media or some travel blogs for fresh holiday inspiration to reignite your desire for adventures abroad?

There’s nothing that quite beats the excitement of ticking off a different country, city or experience, so get prepared now and when it comes to sorting your next trip, you’ll be all ready to go and do it.

6) Book your next holiday

What better way to really get that holiday feeling back than by actually booking one!? We realise that some of these steps may get your travel juices flowing, but the only way to fully satisfy that need for a break abroad is to have it all sorted and in the diary.

Whether that’s an upcoming trip, or one later on in the year, either way it gives you something to really look forward to which, let’s face it, we all need!

How do you think is the best way to get that holiday feeling back?