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6 Ways To Save Money Towards Your Next Holiday During Lockdown

The days during lockdown are long, often pretty boring and sometimes quite frustrating, especially if you’ve had holiday plans disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. All travel enthusiastic folk, like ourselves, can’t wait for the next time we step foot on a plane and jet away somewhere sunny, though it’s important to be ready to rock ‘n’ roll when borders reopen and flights resume to dreamy destinations across the globe.

That’s why you might want to use this time to save money towards your holiday kitty now, and we think we’ve come up with a number of simple ways to help you do just that, so read on and discover how you can add pennies to that travel fund during these times of isolation.

1) Try To Resist The Urge To Buy More Things Online

With so much extra time indoors, it can be easy to surf the web and buy more items and accessories such as clothes or shoes, new things for the house, extra garden appliances and lots more in between particularly with many sites these days offering next day or super-fast delivery.

Though do you really need another dress or shirt? Do you really need an extra pair of heels or brouges? Do you really a new microwave or toaster? Do you really need a different lawn mower or outdoor furniture? The answer for the most part will be no, and saving that cash could put a decent amount of money away for your next holiday.

2) Drink Less Alcohol

We’re all guilty of it. There’s always some sort of beer, wine or spirit on offer at the local supermarket, and the fact that pubs have been closed over recent weeks means Brits have purchased more booze to consume at home than ever before.

And whilst buying one less crate of beer or bottle of wine might not feel like you’re saving a lot, it’s much-needed money towards your holiday deposit, and better for your beach body.

3) Ditch The Takeaways & Do More Home Cooking

Being stuck indoors can make us a little lazier than usual, and that often can be no more apparent than with cooking. These days, it’s easy to order some ready-to-eat cuisine with virtually the press of a button on your smartphone, though when factoring in the increase in cost and delivery fee, it can also be an expensive way to fill your stomach.

Buying fresh ingredients and cooking food from your local supermarket is not only a much healthier option than pizza, fish & chips or a curry, it’s also cheaper and helps pass some time in the house.

Oh, and as with drinking less alcohol, it’s always great prep for that future beach bod!

4) Get A New Temporary Job

You may well have been placed on furlough during these unprecedented times, which obviously brings with it a need to think about those pennies more than ever, though lots of employers are allowing any such employees to seek other temporary work in order to top up their wage.

Job roles such as supermarket assistants or postal/home delivery positions have become available in abundance recently such is the consumer demand, and if your employer allows it, could provide a good opportunity for you to earn some extra dosh. Even if you aren’t furloughed, any hours on top of what you are already doing means more money, which in turn means more money towards your next holiday.

5) Sell Some Of Your Things

With all this extra time on your hands, now is as good an opportunity as ever to do a bit of spring cleaning, whether that be clearing out your wardrobe, loft, garage or any other place you tend to horde things you know you really don’t actually need to keep.

Though just because you don’t use it, that doesn’t mean somebody else won’t, and sites like eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and more make it super easy for you to offload unwanted items to other people online in return for cash. It’s a simple way to make a quick buck, and helps declutter your home too, plus if you do feel a little drained after doing so, booking a holiday will no doubt help you to bring back that feeling of relaxation.

6) Put The Money You’ve Saved During Lockdown Towards A Holiday Fund

The fact of the matter is that during lockdown we’ve all been saving money in some way, shape or form already. Whatever your situation, you’ve probably spent a lot less on work commuting costs, filling up your car with petrol, nights out with friends or fancy meals with your other half (way to go, you!).

But instead of spending that cash on beer and wine to drink on the sofa, new clothes, takeaways or purchasing products on Amazon, instead put it to one side and watch your holiday fund grow and grow. Before long, you’re sure to have built up enough to pay for a weekend away in the UK or at least part of a week-long beach break. Just be sensible, and it’ll be worth it in the long term!

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