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7 Beautiful Beaches In Turkey You Need To Visit Right Now

Guest post, by Hemant Dudeja

As a traveller and avid reader, I can say that Turkey is one of the most beautiful places on the face of earth. And, how can it not be? Steeped in history, with beautiful countryside and breathtaking beaches, Turkey is a place of unparalleled beauty. With places like Cappadocia, Istanbul, and Ephesus, the country promises the best of everything.

While most people would go for these top three places, Turkey has a lot more to offer. Extending in the two most travel-friendly continents, Europe and Asia, Turkey promises the eager traveller some of the best beaches one would ever lay eyes on.

A country that receives more than 23 million visitors every year has many beautiful beaches that you must add to your itinerary. Seven of them are listed below…

Iztuzu, Dalyan

Do you have an undivided love for travelling and turtles? Lying on a stretch of 4.5 km hard-packed sands is the Iztuzu Beach, that travellers and turtle lovers both set their sights on. The beauty of the beach lies in its emerging rocky tracks that are visible on the sand in June and July.

The gentle seabed along with the choppy waters is a great therapy if you plan to rest.

Beach In Iztuzu


Patara, Turkey's longest yet most beautiful beach, is a wide strip of gently arranged white sand. The eatery options are considerably fewer and limited to the south-eastern end of the beach where one very reasonably priced beach cafe is positioned.

To reach the beach, you would need to pass through scattered rocks and debris. Due to this, development of resorts and hotels near the area has been limited however.

Beach In Patara

Kabak Bay, Ölüdeniz

If you love hippy-like tranquil resorts, Kabak Bay has to be on your list. Surrounded by lush green trees, Kabak provides serious travel goals. Without commercial water sport activities, plastic sunbeds, and boat trips, the beach excels at calmness and gives the visitor a serene and peaceful environment.

For any keen swimmers, crawl through the deep waters and sunbathe on the stone at the stone mini beach. There is also a blue cave that is super appealing to visitors.

Lay on the beach as you gaze the stars or party with your friends and you are sure to love the peaceful setup. If you plan to stay in Kabak, I would recommend the Olive Garden – which has the most lovely ambiance ever.

Beach In Kabak Bay


Located between the mountain and along 3km stretch of sand, Cirali is situated on a narrow plain. Walk across the length of the beach as you explore the ruins of ancient Olympos (a city in Lucia). As the beach is safeguarded by various Turkish bodies, the threatened loggerhead and green sea turtles continue to lay their eggs here every year.

The charm of the beach lies in the fact that it is untouched and unspoilt, which makes it the least crowded beach. For history enthusiasts, it’s a great place to get a taste of culture while holidaying at the same time!

Beach In Cirah

Kaputaş Beach, Kalkan

The deep canyon known as Kaputaş Gorge has massive waves that wash over the rocks and sand. The beach is just under 6km out of Kalkan , which can be seen from a beautiful coastal road. Steps from the roadside parking lead down to Kaputaş beach, a 150m stretch of pebble and blonde sand.

Kaputaş has served as the backdrop for innumerable TV advert shoots, and, unless there has been a southerly storm, the water is crystalline.

Beach In Kaputas

Ovabuku Beach

Ovabuku Beach is located on the Datca Peninsula that has a small stretch of crystal clear sand. Surrounded by lush green forests, the beach marks the epitome of beauty. It’s a place for people who are looking for peace and authenticity, where a serene view of pine, oak and carob trees await.

A visit to the beach also gives you access to the authentic Turkish cuisine available at various eateries near the beach.

Beach In Ovabuku

Ortakent Beach

Ortakent Beach is another one among the list of beaches that is a hidden. The secret, delightful beach is surrounded by a mix of bustling market gardens and a quiet village.

If you are a water baby and super enthusiastic about water sports such as sailing, kayaking, and wakeboarding, Ortakent Beach is the perfect go-to. Whether you plan to travel with your family or friends, the beach must be on your list of places to visit.

Beach In Ortakent

While the country has an array of beautiful beaches, they are not the only attraction of this enchanting country. From beautiful fairy chimneys in Cappadocia to the historical side in the city of Istanbul, Turkey is sure to leave you speechless.

So…the next time the travel bug in you awakens, you know which country to visit.

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