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7 Travel Hacks That’ll Save You Space, Time & Help You Look Your Best

Everyone loves a good hack, so here at HQ we’ve decided to share our best travel tricks when it comes to beauty. Whether it’s space saving, skipping products or shedding a few pounds off your suitcase, we have a hack for it.

If you’re planning a trip away this summer, be sure to bookmark this post so you can test out our best beautifying tips.

1. Hack Your Hand Luggage

Many airlines now enforce strict rules on hand luggage which can cause no end of stress when you’re travelling with cabin bags only. If the airline only allows one piece of hand luggage, you can always nip to duty free and pick up something inexpensive (a Toblerone is our choice). That way you can use the carrier bag as extra hand luggage to pop your handbag in.

2. Losing Weight

No, we don’t mean shedding body weight, we mean gaining it…Wear your heaviest items of clothing and shoes for the plane, that way you’ll lose weight from your suitcase and can pack more or carry less.

3. Compact Contacts

When travelling hand luggage only, make sure to buy some contact lens containers as they’re great for dispensing product in to without taking up space in your clear airport bag. Just make sure to write the name of the products on the side of the container in marker, as you don’t want to be applying your nail polish remover as a face serum.

4. Stop The Breakage

Pop a cotton pad in your powder compacts - this will keep them from breaking whilst in your luggage.

5. Save Some Space

Read magazines a lot? Get lots of samples in Gift With Purchase offers? Make sure you collect all the samples as they’re great space savers when packing for your next trip.

6. Basic Beauty

Instead of packing bulky basic beauty items, buy them in the airport. Purchasing shower gels, deodorants and toothpaste will stop you from filling your liquid bags up if travelling hand luggage only.

7. Smelling Sweet

Nobody likes packing to come home, especially when your clothes are a little smelly. Pack your worn clothes in a carrier bag and pop one of the hotel's complimentary bars of soap in there; it’ll keep your worn clothes and suitcase smelling fresh.

What are your holiday beauty hacks?