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8 Mental Stages of Air Travel

For most people, getting up stupidly early to travel to the airport is as much part of their holiday, as actually being away on holiday.

Unfortunately, airports are also one of the most stressful and irritating places to find yourself surrounded by crowds of equally tired holidaymakers, causing many travellers to go through a full spectrum of emotions before they ever set foot on the plane.

Trust us, we feel your pain. To help you recognise the symptoms of airport induced madness, ladies and gentlemen, gives to you, the 8 mental stages of air travel.

Stage One: Self-doubt

Brought on by: Last minute packing

7 bikinis, 12 dresses, 5 pairs of shorts, 8 tops, some jeans, a jacket, and 6 pairs of shoes should be enough for a week in Magaluf… right?

Overly full suitcase

Stage Two: Anxiety

Brought on by: The taxi journey

Yes I know I have 3 hours to go until my flight, but STEP ON IT!

Family on the way to the airport

Stage Three: Excitement

Brought on by: Check-in

It’s really happening, I’m going on holiday! Yippee!

Family going on holiday

Which quickly changes to anger when you see this…

Long queue at airport

Stage Four: Guilty Panicking

Brought on by: Security

Completely unnecessary and totally irrational guilt sets in from the minute we see the body scanners. Does lipstick class as a liquid? Oh my god, I'm holding up the queue, come on shoe laces!

Airport security

Stage Five: Impulsiveness

Brought on by: The departure lounge

Safely through security it’s time to shop for things we don’t need or want, just because they’re duty free!

Girls duty-free shopping

Stage Six: Confusion

Brought on by: The gate

Why are people queuing already? Should I queue? The doors aren’t even open?

Queueing at the airport gate

Stage Seven: Impatience

Brought on by: Boarding the plane

Hurry up! I just want to get into my seat and crack open the mini vodkas!

Boarding a plane

Stage Eight:Acceptance

Brought on by: People watching your fellow passengers

Woohoo! Finally I’m on my way!

Oh, wait. Oh. Hell. No. Every traveller's worst nightmare. The child who is potentially going to scream for the whole journey. It’s watching me…

Crying baby

Oh well… at least it’s only a short haul flight!

Viva Espana!

By Leanne Tonks – Complete airport stress head.