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8 Ways To Save Money And Hassle On Short Trips

Guest post, by Hannah Bull

Short trips away are great for getting some varied respite from a busy work schedule, without breaking the bank – or your annual leave allowance.

I always take hand luggage for trips under 10 days. I hate paying excessive hold luggage fees, I’m really impatient waiting at baggage reclaim and until my bag comes around on the painfully slow carousel, I’m in a state of panic that it’s been lost, or put on an entirely different flight! Not the way I want to start a holiday.

Many airlines are now cutting down on the size allowance of your personal bags (handbags etc) and with strict size restrictions on cabin baggage, you might get caught out at the last minute, be forced to add your bags to the hold and be charged the fees that come with this.

Here are some tips on how to squeeze your holiday essentials into a hand luggage sized bag, ensuring you save money and hassle. It is a holiday after all!


If you’re sharing a room with a travel partner, do some pre-planning and split basic toiletries up between you so you’re not bringing the same stuff. You can easily share things like toothpaste and shampoo for a few nights, so just make a list of all the toiletries you need before you go, and spilt it up.

You’ll each save money buying the stuff before you leave, and save space in your luggage. You might also be able to buy some toiletries once you arrive on the cheap – and better yet, check if your accommodation provides toiletries for free.

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I only discovered this recently and it has transformed my packing. Rolling your clothes tightly really does take up less room in your case than folding, and I’ve found it minimises creases too!

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Do some research on the weather at your destination and plan your outfits. Take light layers that you can build up if it gets cold, or leave in your room if the sun comes out. A basic outfit that you can dress up with a different top or even a statement necklace for the evening, means you can really get the most out of the clothes you take.

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Keep it simple

Too many bold prints will be tricky to match with other items so try to stick to consistent palette of colours with versatile separates that can work within multiple outfits.

Pack and re-pack

Before I go away, I lay out every item I want to take, and then cull that selection, focussing on what I really need to take. I often cut my original list by a third or more. Be strict with yourself and you might be surprised – you really don’t need a lot of the stuff you think you will!

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Turn it upside down

If you are asked to test your hand luggage in the sizing cage, put it in upside down. The bit where the wheels are is usually the widest part and it will funnel into the cage easily the other way!

Soft cases are best

Material cases have a bit more give than hard cases so are usually a better idea. Ones with pockets or compartments on the front will also be useful for quick access to important documents.

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Wear the bulky stuff

I always travel in my jacket, my bulkiest pair of shoes and jeans as that way, I’m saving valuable room in my hand luggage. Stuff your coat pockets too if you are little tight on cabin bag space. You can always take your layers off once you’re on the plane.

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Do you have any tips for saving money and hassle on short trips?

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