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9 People You Find In Every Group Holiday WhatsApp Chat

It’s probably the first phase of any group holiday discussion, and arguably one of the most important. Being able to communicate with members of your travel tribe quickly and easily has been made all the more simple with the prominence of WhatsApp; from getting the gang together as an initial port of call, to chucking in destination ideas, chasing money, building anticipation and ultimately sharing nostalgic snaps once you’re back home, it’s a must-have vacay essential.

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You’ll no doubt be familiar with all of the below types of people you’re likely to find in any such conversation, and remember, we at have our very own WhatsApp alerts service which means you’ll hear all about the latest deals, news and giveaways instantly & sent straight to your smartphone.

1) The Ring Leader

Also known as ‘the group admin’, this person is the one who gets the whole holiday ball rolling. They’ll have added each member to the group and officially therefore taken up the role of tour leader whether they like it or not.

It’s now their job to get all the plans in place, confirm numbers, collect cash and ensure appropriate levels of ‘top bantz’ are maintained throughout.


2) The Spammer

Another who naturally takes up the role of drumming up initial interest, The Spammer quickly becomes the right-hand man of The Ring Leader. They’re enthusiastic for all the plans that lie in store and aren’t afraid to tell you, constantly posting messages, memes and general musings about every aspect of the upcoming holiday.

They’ll also be the one sending ‘ONLY (insert number of days left until your holiday here) TO GO GUYS!’ updates every morning prior to your trip.


3) The Indecisive One

For every eager holiday-goer, there’s another person who just simply won’t commit. One minute they’ll seem keen, the next they’ve posted a million reasons (*ahem, excuses*) why they really shouldn’t come – not that that’s stopping The Spammer and The Ring Leader from a relentless barrage of messages about the fun that awaits.

They’ll cave eventually, it’ll just take time. And a few mentions of the undoubted FOMO that’ll blight the rest of their summer.

4) The One Whose Number You Don’t Have Saved

Who is +44 7532 675831, exactly? You’re pretty sure you know them and they seem to have integrated into the ensuing chat like they’re one of your own, but you can’t work out who it is.

Either way, they’re keen to come and have already paid the deposit so you can’t call them out now. If they do eventually get rumbled as an intruder once the holiday arrives, you’ll be too far down your poolside cocktail to care anyway.


5) The Ranter

It’s meant to be a group holiday chat, but that doesn’t stop this person from discussing anything but that in a persistent series of non-vacation related moaning. Nobody cares if you’ve been stuck in loads of traffic during your morning commute, that your boss is a massive douche or the time your train was delayed due to ‘local engineering works’.

Just pay your deposit, request the time off work and get beach body ready before admin kick you out for clogging up the convo with needless natter.


6) The Ghoaster

They’re one of the gang and have been for some time. Okay, you might have drifted slightly in recent years but it’s still an old friend you go way back with, which is why you know they’ll be up for the hol.

But why aren’t they replying? You know they’re reading all of the messages, you even sent them a private note and received the dreaded ‘two-blue-ticked-no-response’. Best to keep at it, surely they’ll get back to you eventually, won’t they?


7) The One Who’s Making Up The Numbers

You’ve already been let down by a few mates and there are a couple of others who seem to be getting cold feet, so what you need now is more numbers to keep the group size healthy.

That old school pal you haven’t seen for nearly 10 years? Get them in. A family friend you scarcely speak to away from summer get-togethers? They’ll do. Your mate’s annoying little cousin? Every little helps.

They might not be ‘one of the clan’, but quite frankly the minibus to the airport is more pricey than you were expecting and you need to keep the cost per head to a minimum. Volume is key.


8) The One Who Only Communicates In Emoji

You get all types of people in a WhatsApp chat; the extrovert, also known as ‘The Spammer’, the introvert, also known as ‘The Indecisive One’, and then there’s the one who always has something to say, but not much to say about it.

They’re good for a reply and will never leave you hanging when it comes to responding to group-wide messages, often in double-quick time. But they’re always to the point, there’s no beating around the bush. They’ve got an emoji for every occasion:

“One month to go until the holiday” – ok hand sign emoji.

“Look at the weather temperature in (insert destination here) at the moment” – smiling face with heard shaped eyes emoji.

*Top banter about the ensuing holiday antics* - face with tears of joy emoji.


9) The One Who Won’t Leave

There’s always one. The one who initially seemed keen but ultimately pulled out when push came to shove. That’s fine, you’ve accepted numbers will fall and have proposed appropriate action to ensure net volume doesn’t suffer, but why are they still in the group?

You’ve tried dropping subtle hints suggesting they should leave, but nothing seems to be working. They’re reading all of the messages and even chip in the occasional reply, but as far as you’re concerned they’ve sacrificed all rights to receiving top holiday banter.

Best to take matters into your own hands and kick them from the chat, it’s the only way. Harsh, but you need to keep group morale high and avoid the prospect of a ‘holeavers’ revolt forming. That's our shortened version of 'holiday leavers', FYI.


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