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All Inclusive Holidays To Ibiza & Majorca Could Be About To End

Are you a regular Balearic Island holidaymaker? You should probably look to get your next all inclusive holiday trip to this beautiful Spanish region booked in quick, due to strict new rules which are set to soon be announced.

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Why are new rules coming into force for holidays to the Balearics?

New legislation is set to be initiated by the Balearic Island Government in an attempt to regulate what is being labelled as ‘uncivic tourism’.

What exact legislations are set to be introduced?

Exact details are not known as of yet, but it is suggested that a ban on the unlimited supply of alcohol could be imposed or even the prospect of only serving alcoholic drinks with meals.

When is the ban likely to be imposed?

That too is still unknown at this time, though Bel Busquets, vice-president of the Balearic Government, announced recently that a proposal would be put forward to the industry within the next 10 days.

Will there be a total ban on all inclusive holidays to the Balearics?

More information will be released in the aforementioned proposal, though a full ban on all inclusive holidays seems unlikely given tourism provides a huge source of revenue and the potential increase that is to arise from the new tourist tax guidelines.

It is thought any ban would relate to alcohol restrictions, rather than all inclusive holidays in totality, though again, full details are not yet known.

So, what happens next?

Talks are set to commence prior to the main holiday season, with the emphasis on keeping all inclusive holidays a tempting option to tourists, whilst not negatively impacting the quality of life for residents in the local area.

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