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Amazing Disney Parks Around The World

We’re the first to admit, Walt Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland in Paris are the main places that come to mind when thinking about what Disney theme park to visit next. But, the magic of Disney is all over the world so whether you’re going to Florida, Paris, California or Asia, you’re never too far away from getting your fix of Mickey and Minnie. Here’s a run down of all the Disney Parks around the world, from the original Californian theme park through the Shanghai’s brand new land of Disney.

Disneyland, Anaheim | California

Disneyland in California is the original. The very first Disneyland to ever be built on earth. In many ways, that’s the main appeal of Disneyland in southern California, to see and experience a part of Disney history. It even has many of the original rides that were part of the park when it first opened in 1955. Enjoy a leisurely ride on the Jungle Cruise or soar over the rooftops on Peter Pan’s flight as you make your way around the park’s 7 areas – Buena Vista, Cars Land, Grizzly Peak, Paradise River, Pacific Wharf, A Bug’s Land and Hollywood Lane - you soak up every bit of Disney’s first vision of what has now become a world wide phenomenon.

Walt Disney World, Orlando | Florida

Disney’s second theme park in the USA is the world’s most popular and, unfortunately, the most expensive. Don’t let that put you off though, visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando is practically a rite of passage for Disney fans and it’s well worth parting with some hard earned cash to visit. Walt Disney World is home to 4 theme parks and 2 water parks and covers an area of land the size of Manhattan, so you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios are so varied you could spend a whole week exploring just those 4. The water parks though – Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon – are perfect for a chilled out day between the hectic-ness of the rides and character experiences.

If you’re limited on time or money, Magic Kingdom is the place to go if you want that ultimate Disney day out. Walk up Main Street towards Cinderella’s Castle and branch out to Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Frontierland or Adventureland and soak in the sights and sounds of this iconic Disney theme park.

If you’re staying in Walt Disney World to get the most true and full Disney experience, there’s 27 Disney resorts to choose from including Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Wilderness Resort.

Hong Kong Disney Land | Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest out of all the Disney Parks but with 21 rides, 4 lands in the theme park and 2 hotels, it’s not small by any means. It’s also located on Lantau Island so you could even land in Hong Kong and go straight from the airport to Disneyland if you wanted to! This Disney Park was designed to adhere feng shui and there are many points around the park that are meant to bring luck and wealth. For example, red is a frequent colour around the park as it’s a lucky colour in Chinese culture.

Although the rides at this theme park might be quite tame , the shows more than make up for it. Disney cruise fans will enjoy watching “The Golden Micky” musical and the night-time lighting show is an extravanganza with huge illuminated floats parading down Main Street. This reflects the bright lights of Hong Kong and the nightly show locals and tourists are used to seeing on the city’s skyline.

Disneyland Tokyo | Japan

Strangely, although this is the second busiest Disney Park in the world, Disney does not even own Disneyland Tokyo. It is in fact owned by The Oriental Land company who licence out the creatives from Disney to make Japan’s own Disneyland. It was also the first Disneyland to be opened up outside of the USA meaning for those not wanting to travel from Asia to the USA, this was a great way to absorb the legendary Disney atmosphere without having to travel half way around the world. It remains an extremely popular destination today and with popular rides such as Monster’s Inc Ride and Go Seek, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain still drawing in the crowds, Disneyland Tokyo is a must visit for any Disney fans holidaying in Japan.

Disneyland Shanghai | China

The newest and flashiest of all the Disney Parks, Disneyland Shanghai opened its doors in 2016 after many years of development and construction. With many unique sights such as the tallest Enchanted Storybook Castle, Disney’s only Tron themed ride and Treasure Cove, a pirate themed land! Guests can also wander around Mickey Avenue, Gardens of Imagination, Fantasyland, Adventure Isle and Tomorrowland  before heading back to one of the two Disney hotels in resort. There’s the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel but if you have kids, there’s only really one choice and that’s the amazingly cool Toy Story Hotel.

Disneyland Paris | France

Disneyland Paris, it’s probably the one we’re most familiar with if travelling from the UK. We only need to do a short hop across the channel before being transported into the land of Mickey and co. This park is probably one of Disney’s most fascinating too with so many unique points and hidden secrets, you could visit here time and time again and not find out everything. Here’s a few things though…

You can pick up the phone in New Century Notions and listen to a conversation happening on Main Street. Space Mountain is the fastest rollercoaster out of all the Disney Parks. It’s also the only one that takes riders upside down so bear that in mind if you’ve been on this ride in Orlando! Rock and Rollercoaster’s theme music vocals were re-recorded by Aerosmith to make the music as original as possible, so you won’t hear it anywhere else but on that rollercoaster! If you’ve got a keen eye for spotting Mickey too, there are apparently hundreds of hidden Mickeys around the park. Keep a look out for the, they could be anywhere from the tiles, some plates on a wall to those innocent looking barrels next to a ride…