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American Sweet Treats For Sugar Addicts

We all get sugar cravings from time to time, so it's only right that once in a while we reach for a bar of chocolate of two, or maybe dig into a tub of ice cream. If you've ever been to the USA though, you know that there are times when their sweet treats can go a little crazy. Whether they are super size, or something that's just so weird, you can't find it anywhere else in the world, the USA know how to do ice creams, cupcakes, and even the enormous milkshakes. Which one would you fancy?

Sprinkles, various location around USA

Sprinkles is a sweet treat store for any one craving a cookie, ice cream or cupcake. From peanut butter and jelly ice creams to red velvet cupcakes, this is the perfect place for a bit of a sugar rush. We can vouch for the cupcake ATM machines though. This novelty contraption allows you to order your cupcake via the computer screen, swipe your card and 30 seconds later, your delicious cupcake choice will pop out in a cute little box ready for you to devour when you wish. 

Azucar Ice Cream, Miami

Little Havana in Miami is a haven for good food thanks to its Cuban influence but for dessert, make sure to stop of at Azucar, an ice cream shop in the heart of Little Havana that serves up scoops of this delicious dairy treat. Seasonal flavours, such as Apple Pie and Egg Nog, come and go but favourites such as Nutella, Key Lime Pie and Birthday Cake are always on the menu. If you’re in this tropical part of the world, be sure to stop by for a refreshing snack!

Rainbow Bagels, Brooklyn

So, these aren’t technically a sweet treat but they’re so irresistible looking, we couldn’t not include them. The Bagel Store in Brooklyn causes a bit of a queue thanks to these multi-coloured savoury circles of dough, but when paired with something like funfetti cream cheese they turn into sweet treats of goodness that might almost be worth the queue…

Black Tap Milkshakes, New York

There’s milkshakes, and then there’s milkshakes. And these are definitely MILKSHAKES. You’ll find these sugar monsters in the heart of New York City’s Soho district and they’re not called crazy shakes for no reason. Choose from flavours such as Cotton Candy, Sweet ‘n’ Salty, or Sour Power for and be prepared for the most instagrammable milkshake you’ve ever seen. Just don’t blame us for the inevitable sugar rush that will follow.

What other crazy treats have you come across on holiday? Let us know in the comments!