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Around The World in 18 Drinks

There are certain factors we all use to decide where to go on holiday. How warm is the weather? Is the hotel nice? Is there a beautiful beach nearby? However, have you asked yourself, “What alcoholic beverages are there to try out?”. We all know that having a drink or two is the best part of going on holiday but what drink can you expect depending on where you go? Here we take you on a tour of the world’s national drinks. You never know, it might help you decide where you take your next holiday!

Absinthe | Czech Republic

This bright green, luminous spirit used to be banned in the United States and most of Europe as it was deemed to be dangerous to the human body, However, it has recently seen a revival in Europe after it was shown to be no more harmful than any other alcohol and can be found most commonly in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic national drink-absinthe

Rum | Jamaica

First distilled on the sugarcane plantations of the Caribbean, rum has become the drink to drink on tropical islands such as Jamaica. White, golden or dark rum is usually served as a refreshing cocktail or with a mixer. There’s nothing to say you can’t have a drop on the rocks though…

Jamaica national drink-rum

Vodka | Russia

Drinking vodka in Russia is almost as normal as having a glass of water before bedtime. Until January 1st 2013, vodka wasn’t even considered an alcoholic drink as it was under 10% ABV. It might as well have been labelled lemonade!

Russia national drink-vodka

Rakija | Croatia

Croatia’s most popular spirit, Rakija is a fruit brandy made from grapes, plums or apricots. It is a strong drink at around 40% ABV, however homemade versions can go up to 90% ABV!

Croatia national drink-rakija

Schnapps | Austria

Basically, Schnapps is any strong alcoholic drink that you can get your hands on. However, true Schnapps is often flavoured with fruits such as apple, blackberries, pears, peaches and apricots.

Austria national drink-schnapps

Tequila | Mexico

Whoever thought of fermenting a large, spiky plant into what we now know as tequila, needs a gold medal. This delicious drink from Mexico is famous for making beautiful tequila sunrises and, hate it or love it, the Tequila Slammer.

Mexico national drink-tequila

Champagne | France

When you’re in France, you have to have at least one glass of champagne. There’s even a specific region in the North-East of France, perfectly named La Champagne, which produces the grapes to make this deliciously fancy drink.

France national drink-champagne

Ouzo | Greece

Now when the waiter or waitress places a mini glass of clear liquid next to your dinner or dessert in Greece, don’t mistake it for water. That innocent looking drink is actually Ouzo, a strong aniseed flavoured spirit that will make your eyes water if you gulp it down in one. You might never get used to the taste but it’s a traditional Greek drink that is worth a little sip at least!

Greece national drink-ouzo

Guinness | Ireland

Probably one of the most famous drinks in the world, Guinness can be found wherever there is a decent Irish bar nearby. However, there’s no better place to have a pint of this drink than in Ireland either at the Guinness Storehouse or at a traditional Irish pub!

Ireland national drink-guinness

Gin | England

England is known for its love of a good pint of beer but it’s Gin that has become well known world-wide. This spirit, made from distilled juniper berries, has become a favourite in cocktails such as the Dirty Martini.

England national drink-gin

Grappa | Italy

Much like the beautiful wine of Italy, Grappa is a grape based beverage that was originally produced to limit waste in the wine making process. Now it is enjoyed after a long dinner or as an added taste to a drop of espresso.

Italy national drink-grappa

Mojito | Cuba

You’ve had a hard day at the beach soaking up the sun in Cuba. Is there any better way to refresh than by enjoying a cooling Mojito? This rum based drink is mixed with a delicious combination of fresh lime, mashed up mint, crushed ice, a splash of soda water and a dash of sweet sugar syrup. Ooh, we like the sound of that!

Cuba national drink-mojito

Sangria | Spain

Cheap and cheerful, Sangria is a standard feature of any holiday in Spain. Served on ice with a mixture of oranges, apples, pears, it’s the perfect complement to the warm Spanish sun.

Spain national drink-sangria

Raki | Turkey

If you like Ouzo, then you’ll probably like Raki, a clear, aniseed flavoured drink that turns a milky colour when water is added. Evening meals in Turkey are often accompanied by Raki so be prepared to have a drink or two of the strong spirit after the sun goes down.

Turkey national drink-raki

Bourbon | USA

Bourbon, a type of American whiskey, is a dark drink made from distilled corn. One of the most famous to come out of the USA is good old Jack Daniels that hails from Tennessee and is often drank with a mixer such as Coca Cola.

USA national drink-bourbon

Whisky | Scotland

If you’re heading to the high hills of Scotland, chances are you will, at some point, come across a whiskey distillery. Take a tour behind the scenes to see how this famous Scottish drink is made or taste a wee dram down at the local pub. You’ll never taste anything quite like it!

Scotland national drink-whisky

Cachaca | Brazil

A strong spirit, used in Brazil’s most famous cocktail, the Caipirinha, Cachaca is found in white or gold varieties and is made from sugar cane juice. You’ll find that this spirit is used in tropical style drinks and is often mixed with ingredients such as sugar syrup, mint, lime or fruit.

Brazil national drink-cachaca

Port Wine | Portugal

Often served as a dessert wine, Port wine is a fortified red wine that has a lovely sweet taste when drank. You can get Port elsewhere in the world but it’s only in Portugal, and specifically in Porto, where you can get the original Port Wine.

Portugal national drink-port wine

So, now you know which drinks are popular in which country, where will you be jetting off to on your next holiday?

By Emma Hart - Sampling a bit of Raki in Turkey.