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Beyoncé Named as Ideal Travel Partner

At we love a bit of celebrity travel, and over the last few weeks we’ve been asking our customers about who they would love (and hate!) to go on holiday with. Now the results are in and Beyoncé has topped the list of fantasy travel partners with 21% of the votes, while at the other end of the spectrum Justin Bieber was named as the ultimate holiday companion from hell!

Beyonce named ideal travel partnerCalvin HarrisCheryl Fernandez Versini

With her enviable holiday snaps on Instagram and awesome dance moves, it’s hardly surprising that people dream of holidaying with Queen Bey. She’s not the only show-stopping performer on the list; Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini also made the top ten, showing that our ideal holiday partner has to know how to throw a good party!

Justin Bieber’s pop-brat antics have done nothing to endear him to the public, with a huge 37% of people voting him the least desirable travel companion. After a string of arrests and a recent bust-up with Orlando Bloom in Ibiza, it’s no wonder that people would want to avoid the drama-filled holiday Bieber would undoubtedly cause.

Justin Bieber

There's a clear pattern of people wanting to avoid scandal on holiday, with Miley Cyrus and controversial Katie Hopkins also named as nightmare travel companions. Kim Kardashian fared badly in the poll too, despite her lavish lifestyle, with 2% voting her into the list of celebrities to avoid on holiday. Maybe she’s taken one selfie too many…

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By Kate Moxon – Celeb spotter at