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Breaking Lent With a Bang

Everyone enjoys Easter weekend; we get two days off work, a free pass to eat as much chocolate as we like - what’s not to love? But for the millions of people who gave something up for Lent there was another reason to celebrate this weekend; their forty days of abstinence were finally over. For you determined souls who managed to resist your temptations, we’ve come up with the perfect places to indulge - whatever you gave up!

If you gave up: Chocolate

After spending the last 40 days denying your sweet tooth, head to Belgium to satisfy your cravings. Belgian chocolate is world-famous, and some of the best chocolatiers in the world are dedicated to upholding this proud tradition. Ask the locals or your hotel staff for recommended shops, and be sure to try praline, the soft-centred chocolate invented by the Belgians. With over 2,000 chocolate shops nationwide you’ll have no shortage of places to sample the goods for yourself, but pace yourself – you’ll find it’s richer than what we Brits are used to!

If you gave up: Alcohol

Instead of celebrating the end of your abstinence with an ill-advised night on the town, why not travel to the winelands of South Africa for tasting sessions in the sun? The vibrant city of Cape Town is within driving distance of both Constantia and Stellenbosch, two of the country’s most famous wine regions, where you can hire bikes and explore on two wheels. The areas are populated with countless wineries, most of whom offer tours and tastings for very reasonable prices, and you can pick up bottles of your favourites at bargain prices.

If you gave up: Coffee

Many people take up the challenge of ditching caffeine for Lent, but if you miss your morning pick-me-up Turkey is the perfect place to revive your coffee addiction. Turkish coffee is remarkable for the way it is brewed; the coffee is boiled with sugar three or four times before being served in a cup where the grounds are allowed to settle before drinking. Istanbul’s laidback coffee culture dictates that the drink be savoured and enjoyed, making it an ideal place to while away an afternoon people-watching at an outdoor café.

If you gave up: Meat

To satiate your inner carnivore, try some traditional fare in Kenya. The country’s national dish is ‘nyama choma’, translated from Swahili as grilled meat, and is enjoyed in many forms. Customarily the meat is slow cooked and served plain with salt and sliced chillies, but there are other options. Nairobi is home to Carnivore, a famous restaurant serving everything from chicken to crocodile, where meat is skewered on Maasai swords and roasted over a charcoal fire.

By Kate Moxon – Content and Social Media Executive at