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Can You Name the Wonders of the World?

A few months ago, launched their Where's Lolly game, testing the geography knowledge of the British public by challenging them to identify a range of famous locations from the air! Alongside this, we invited people to complete a survey on the wonders of the world in which they had to identify all the ancient, modern and natural world wonders.

Having attempted this challenge in our own office we knew it was going to be a tough test, and many of you agreed; when asked how well they'd done, only 3% of respondents were confident they had named all 21 correctly. However the survey also revealed some guesses that we definitely weren't expecting, so we've collected together some of the best for your enjoyment.

Infographic of Wonders of the World survey results

The Real Wonders of the World

In case you were wanting to add some of them to your 'must-visit' list, here are the real wonders of the world...

Ancient wonders: Great Pyramid of Giza | Hanging Gardens of Babylon | Statue of Zeus at Olympia | Temple of Artemis at Ephesus | Mausoleum at Halicarnassus | Colossus of Rhodes | Lighthouse at Alexandria

Modern wonders: Christ the Redeemer | Great Wall of China | Machu Picchu | Petra | Chichen Itza | Colosseum | Taj Mahal

Natural Wonders: Grand Canyon | Great Barrier Reef | Harbor of Rio de Janeiro | Mount Everest | Aurora Borealis | Paricutin Volcano | Victoria Falls

How good is your geography knowledge? Play Where's Lolly and test your skills!