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Cheapest alcohol in Europe

‘Booze Cruising’ has come a long way from the days of hopping over to Calais, finding the nearest hypermarket and packing the family Volvo full of dubiously named own-brand beer. The advent of cheap flights and the rise of tourism in Eastern Europe have created a cocktail of destinations for the dedicated drinker. Here at Icelolly we have created a handy guide to finding your drinking clan and where you should fly on your plonk pilgrimage.

‘The Stag-Do Warrior’

Perhaps the quintessential booze-focussed traveller, great herds of these young males can be found roaming the streets of Eastern Europe seeking just one thing – lager. To the Stag-Do Warrior, the cost to volume ratio of the local brew is paramount. Luckily, in the traditional stomping grounds of the Stag; Prague, Krakow and Budapest, lager can still be found for around £1 per pint. Rumour has it that Stag-Do Warriors have recently been spotted in the lesser known watering holes of Riga and Bratislava, where the average pint prices dip below the magic £1 mark.

‘The Stumbling Student’

The Stumbling Student will probably tell you that they are more interested in the local architecture or visiting the birthplace of a famous artist. In reality almost all of the students you’ll find holidaying in European cities will be there for the grog.

The key to pulling off the ‘Stumbling Student’ is to pick a city where you can use the local culture as a cover for your guzzling. Barcelona and Berlin have rich histories but cheap refreshments. The average price of a pint in Germany is still around £2 and in Spain it is just £1.69 – not to mention the price of Sangria, which can be as low as £1.30 a bottle!

‘The Connoisseur’

Usually a bit older than both the Stags and the students, the connoisseurs will be found exploring exotic flavours in far flung lands. The connoisseurs might be willing to pay a bit more for their flight but will still have a keen eye for booze-based-bargains. You might find them “unlocking the secrets of Cyprian wine” in the vineyards around Limassol or musing over flavoured vodkas in Moscow.

‘The Cheapskate’

For those who find themselves spending their very last pennies on a flight, there is only one destination, the home of beer itself, Munich. For just one day a year, a fountain in the downtown area of the city is converted to run on pure, beautiful, German beer. In honour of ‘Brauertag’ (Brewer’s Day), one of the city’s six major breweries takes responsibility for the fountain and the public are encouraged to bring along cups and jugs to fill. The festival is taking place on June 28th in 2014 so don’t miss out on what is probably the only free beer festival in Europe!

Top 5 Cheapest Pints in Europe according to

• Ukraine £0.49
• Czech Republic £0.71
• Belarus £ 0.75
• Bulgaria £ 0.78
• Slovakia £0.79

Can you think of anymore great destinations for a cheeky drink? Let us know with a comment or a tweet!

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