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Countries That Will Pay For You To Visit Them After COVID-19

Lockdown has been in full force for a good number of weeks now and whilst of course it is important to abide by all of the government guidelines, you might also be using the extra time indoors to plan for your next holiday.

Will you go somewhere different? Or perhaps you’ll be looking to visit a tried and tested destination you know you love?

Well, we might have a few other spots to throw into the mix as our team have picked out a handful of places that will pay for part of your holiday and give you free access to certain local attractions once we’re through the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Take a look and, who knows, one of them might be your first port of call post-lockdown.


According to local Mexican media, hotels in the popular resort of Cancun are set to offer Brits an offer titled “Come to Cancun 2x1” in order to reactivate tourism in the region once safe to do so.

Essentially, holidaymakers will receive two free nights for every two paid nights, as well as the possibility of plane ticket price reductions or refunds. Social media competitions have also been discussed, where winners can earn a lifetime travel certificate to Cancun.

Where do we sign up!?


Similar to the Cancun incentive, the island of Sicily, which is the largest in the Mediterranean Sea, has announced that for every three nights tourists stay at a hotel, they will pay the price of one of them, as well as covering entry for museums and archaeological areas available through the official tourist site.

Not only that, Sicily also aims to encourage visitors to return, when safe, by paying half the price of plane tickets using a huge €50 million budget in a bid to reinvigorate tourism on the island.


Beach holidays in Bulgaria are already popular amongst travellers due to the low cost compared to other coastal trips across Europe, but the planned new initiative post COVID-19 is likely to appeal to holiday goers even more.

The local government wants to entice families and groups by offering free access to some beaches for tourists and the free use of sun loungers and umbrellas – allowing you extra money to spend at the bar or simply keep in your back pocket.

For context, the average daily cost of a sun lounger in arguably the country’s most popular resort, Sunny Beach, is £5 per person, which would save a family of four £140 over the course of a week-long trip.


Local authorities in Cyprus have suggested that Brits may be allowed to travel to the island in July, whilst their airports could be open as soon as 9th June to other countries seen as low risk - it is a slightly different scheme that is being touted to those of other countries however.

In a bid to increase tourism to the country, the government have suggested that anybody who tests positive for coronavirus after travelling there could have the cost of their trip covered. This is likely to include accommodation, medicine and food.

Cases have been low in Cyprus but these plans hope to give travellers financial assurances should they come down with any symptoms when visiting.


Whilst nothing absolutely concrete has been confirmed just yet, the Japanese government is considering a number of incentives to encourage tourism in the country once we’re through the COVID-19 pandemic, with more then £10 billion reportedly set aside to fund it.

It has been suggested that the country may pay half the cost of plane ticket fares, whilst other schemes are also said to be being discussed and announced in due course. It is thought however that this may only apply to domestic tourism, certainly as a first port of call, but international tourism may benefit from this in the future.

Would you consider a holiday to any of these destinations post COVID-19? Let us know where you’d most like to visit by tweeting @icelollyholiday!