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COVID-19: Can I Still Go On Holiday To Scotland & Wales?

You might be a UK holiday veteran, or perhaps you’re new to getaways on these shores, but the fact is that in general it’s a type of break that has become even more popular since the impact of COVID-19.

But how do the current government guidelines affect such vacays, and is it still possible to visit the beauty that both Wales and Scotland have to offer?

What are the current guidelines regarding holidays in England?

At present, the government’s rule of six rule applies to holidays in England. This means you’re only permitted to meet up and go on a holiday with that number of people, and it’s important to note that the six figure does include kids, toddlers and even babies, not just adults.

Various hotels and holiday parks are open, though you should keep an eye on the guidelines regarding the number of people allowed to mix as the government are fairly regularly updating their advice on this matter.

Am I able to go on holiday to Wales?

In a slight difference to the rules for England, the rule of six when it comes to holidays doesn’t apply to children. This essentially means a group of six adults can take their families on a much-needed break, without needing to count their kids under the age of 11 in the half dozen figure.

Whilst Wales is open to holidaymakers, certain areas are currently in full lockdown, with people in areas including Newport and Bridgend recently unable to leave the area for non-essential reasons. It’s always advisable to check the exact guidelines for the place you intend to visit before attempting to travel.

Am I able to go on holiday to Scotland?

In Scotland, recent guidelines have stated that different households are not permitted to meet up indoors, but the rule of six is allowed in private gardens. Given all indoor gatherings between different households are currently banned, group holidays in Scotland are not permitted at this time.

Single households however can still go on holiday in Scotland, under the proviso that they don’t meet anyone else inside.

Differing areas of the countries are under different forcefulness of restrictions, though hotels, pubs and restaurants remain open to the public and are welcoming customers.

Pubs and restaurants up and down the UK are however being told to close by 10pm under new curfew rules communicated by the government, and there’s currently no indication as to when exactly this might be lifted.

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