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Emoji Quiz: Can You Guess These Holiday Destinations?

Give us a second guys, we’re getting a little bit emojinal here. Not because we can’t spell the word ‘emotional’ properly, but because we recently created this super-cool quiz to coincide with World Emoji Day! Celebrated annually on 17th July since 2014, we’re answering the question you’ve all been asking; “how would some of my favourite holiday destinations look in emoji form?”

Fear not, are here to help and below are 20 teasers for you to tackle - each being either a city, country or region. If you get stuck, we’ve listed some clues slightly further down this page, followed by each answer.

Have a go and let us know how you get on in the comments!

Holiday Destination Emoji Quiz


So you’re struggling with the quiz, huh?

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Shout it. Literally. Like, out loud. We can’t hear you.

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After 3. Shout “I NEED HELP!"


We have no idea whether you shouted or not. We’re too far away.

That failed.

Anyway, here are the clues:

  1. What’s the name of the animal?
  2. The emojis represent the name of a film. The second emoji features in a popular song from that particular movie.
  3. The first emoji isn’t about currency and think about what feeling would occur if you banged your head.
  4. The noise a particular animal makes. An endearing term used to reference a loved one. The word for ‘two’ in a different language.
  5. What shape can be seen?
  6. A word used to frighten someone. The relationship one of the characters has to the others. Could sure use with some sort of control for that third emoji.
  7. What gender is the second emoji? Another word for that is…
  8. A dark coloured alcoholic drink. Also consider the slang term used for emoji three.
  9. The first emoji isn’t very happy. Take the second literally and pronounce the third differently to how you first may have.
  10. Something you do when you talk to someone. The final three are plural.
  11. Think about the item of clothing and one of two things shown in emoji two.
  12. The first emoji is two words, you only need the second. The other is something you might say after the feeling from clue 3 would occur.
  13. Consider the final part of clue 9 and then ask yourself what the singular version of the third emoji in teaser 13 is.
  14. What is happening in each calculation?
  15. What kind of chart is it? How do people across the Atlantic refer to a mobile? A word to reference someone on their own.
  16. Take the first two emojis literally. What does that third one need?
  17. The name of an animal. Also, what is being cut?
  18. A form of market. There’s no place like that second emoji.
  19. If you got number 11, this one will be a breeze.
  20. Take the first and third emojis literally. Consider the shape of the fourth.


How do you think you’ve done?

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How’s the weather over where you are?

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It’s probably time for some answers, don’t you think?

Let’s see how you’ve done…

Don’t forget to tell us how you got on in the comments section.

If you don’t, we’ll set the disappointed face emoji on you. That’s WAY WORSE than the angry face emoji.

You’ve been warned…

  1. Turkey
  2. Greece
  3. Spain
  4. Barbados
  5. Cuba
  6. Budapest
  7. Oman
  8. Portugal
  9. Madeira
  10. Seychelles
  11. Thailand
  12. Krakow
  13. Singapore
  14. Dublin
  15. Barcelona
  16. Bucharest
  17. Bulgaria
  18. Stockholm
  19. Ireland
  20. Caribbean