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European (Holiday) Championships: England vs Scotland

With football’s Euro 2020 tournament now well underway, the festival of fixtures show no sign of letting up! England got off to a good start in their Group D opener with a 1-0 victory over Croatia, whilst Scotland were on the wrong end of a 2-0 score line against the Czech Republic, and next up for the two home nations is a mouthwatering clash against each other at Wembley.

It’s sure to be a fiercely contested encounter in London between two old rivals that will be going all out for the win, but it’s not matters on the pitch that we want to focus on here. Instead, we’re continuing our ‘European (Holiday) Championships’ blog feature by pitting the countries against one another based not upon their skills with the ball, but on their holiday factor!

So holidays to England or holidays to Scotland…which will come out on top? Read on to find out!

Disclaimer: This guide is intended for inspiration. Please always check the UK government’s latest advice for individual destinations both on these shores and overseas and travelling in general before attempting to do so and also make sure you are aware of local safety guidelines and/or restrictions when visiting different countries.


England: Whilst the winter months can be quite chilly, recent weeks in England have proven that when summer comes around the weather can really turn toasty. During peak periods the temperature often reaches up to 30 degrees, and you can expect beer gardens to be full, barbecues to be on the go and everyone having the chance to enjoy the heat. We just won’t mention November, December, January and February!

Scotland: The weather up in Scotland can be very bleak at certain times of the year, with temperatures regularly well below zero degrees up in the most northern parts of the country during winter. In summer the sun does come out to play, though not perhaps to the extent that it does in London and the like.

Winner: It’s marginal, but we’ve checked VAR and England just snatch this one ahead of Scotland!

Score so far: England 1-0 Scotland


England: Typical English favourites include bangers and mash, beef wellington, cottage pie, pasties, a Sunday roast and, of course, fish & chips – all of which can be sampled up and down the country during any staycation break. Bakewell tarts and Victoria sponge cake are popular sweet dishes, and food is often washed down with alcoholic beverages such as local craft ales or Pimm’s.

Scotland: Cuisine options are very similar in both England and Scotland, and a typical day of meals for a Scot may include porridge in the morning, Scotch broth soup or kippers for lunch, haggis, Aberdeen Angus beef or Scotch pie for dinner and finished off with a tipsy laird-trifle or clootie dumpling for dessert. Common tipples include whisky or Tennent’s lager, or for a non-alcoholic refreshment, try the hugely popular Irn-Bru.

Winner: This one’s too close to call, even the video assistant ref couldn’t choose between the two, so this one ends in a draw!

Score so far: England 1-0 Scotland

Things to do

England: When looking to book a staycation break, there really are a large variety of options. Dazzle in the bright lights and busy streets of capital city London, take things easy in a lodge by the beach in Cornwall, keep things classy in The Cotswolds or the more adventurous traveller may be more keen to book a camping and walking trip in the Yorkshire Dales. Whatever type of holidaymaker you are, England has the break for you!

Scotland: Similarly impressive in its staycation offerings, Scottish city breaks are popular choices for both Scots and English men & women looking to enjoy some time away. From lodges in the Highlands, cottages in Galloway, more adventurous stays by Loch Ness and sightseeing in Edinburgh, you’re never far from the action in Scotland.

Winner: It’s incredibly tight once again, but England just take it to edge into a 2-0 lead with two more categories to contest!

Score so far: England 2-0 Scotland


England: There is a downside to being home to one of Europe’s most visited cities, London, and that is the accompanying tourist traps that some travellers can fall into. Breaks on the south coast can also sometimes be quite pricey, as can lodge stays in the Lake District – the key is to shop around, find the best deal for you and be smart with your money.

Scotland: Generally speaking, tourism in England is much higher than in Scotland, which can make a difference when it comes to the difference in cost between the two. Whilst Edinburgh can be expensive in parts where tourists are more likely to be found, less visited areas where holiday parks, lodges and cottages are located can be very fairly priced, making for extremely affordable breaks in the country.

Winner: A win for Scotland puts them right back into this contest with one final category to go!

Score so far: England 2-1 Scotland

Travel time

England: The beauty of a staycation is that you can choose to stay somewhere in the country that’s as near or as far away from where you live as you like, depending what your preference and personal situation is. Wherever you live in the UK, you can get to your holiday spot quickly and easily via road, rail or air, making it super simple and stress free to enjoy a break on these shores.

Scotland: It’s a similar story when it comes to Scottish staycations too, as most parts of the country can be reached easily whether you’re taking the train, plane or car. All of this means you spend less time physically travelling and have more time to enjoy your trip away!

Winner: It’s impossible to split the two on this one, so honours are even in this final category!

Final score: England 2-1 Scotland

So it’s a narrow victory for England trips over Scotland breaks in this latest European (Holiday) Championships match up! Which one would you most like to visit? Let us know by tweeting @icelollyholiday!