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European (Holiday) Championships: Spain vs Switzerland

We’re really starting to get towards the business end of Euro 2020 now, with the tournament’s quarter final stages nearly upon us.

Spain booked their place in the last eight following an enthralling 5-3 victory over Croatia, whilst Switzerland overcame pre-competition favourites France on penalties to set up an intriguing fixture between the two nations this coming weekend.

But we’re leaving footballing matters firmly on the pitch, and are instead using this blog post to continue our European (Holiday) Championships feature where we pit countries against each other and rank them on their holiday factor as opposed to ball kicking, goal scoring and shot saving abilities!

Disclaimer: This guide is intended for inspiration. Please always check the UK government’s latest advice for individual destinations both on these shores and overseas and travelling in general before attempting to do so and also make sure you are aware of local safety guidelines and/or restrictions when visiting different countries.



Spain: A common holiday spot for British travellers for many a year, it’s often the go-to place for those looking to feel the sun on their backs within Europe. With temperatures regularly around 30 degrees during peak summer months, it’s certainly a great option to top up your tan, but even away from this time of the year you’re sure to benefit from toasty weather, some of the warmest on the continent.

Switzerland: Whilst parts of the country are for sure more than just a tad hotter than the UK throughout the main summer months, Switzerland’s weather isn’t necessarily what keeps tourists coming back for more. And whilst skiing is hugely popular in certain areas, don’t let that deter you from booking a city break in Bern or Zurich for example, where you can explore in warm temperatures, though not quite perhaps to the level of Spain.

Winner: No need for extra time and penalties here, as Spain win it by a couple of goals in 90 minutes!

Score so far: Spain 1-0 Switzerland


Spain: Widely known for producing a number of delicious dishes, Spanish cuisine can be found in many restaurants not just in Spain, but also across Europe. Whether you decide to tuck into some tapas or share a yummy paella with your nearest and dearest, you certainly won’t be left feeling hungry, and wine lovers can wash it all down with a bottle of the country’s finest, or a refreshing pint of San Miguel or Estrella.

Switzerland: Taking influence from German, French and north Italian cuisine, there are a huge array of options to choose from when it coming to dining in Switzerland. Arguably the most common savoury item is cheese, with cheese fondue and raclette both very popular, whilst the country is also famous for its amazing chocolate brands including Lindt and Toblerone.

Winner: This one is a closer call, but Spain just nick it to take a two goal lead!

Score so far: Spain 2-0 Switzerland

Things To Do

Spain: Home to some stunning coastal cities, towns and villages, Spain has always been a common holiday spot for those looking to enjoy a relaxing beach break, whilst the likes of Madrid and Barcelona have also traditionally been visited by tourists in their numbers year upon year. Whether you’re after a chilled trip in the sun, or more of a sightseeing adventure, a Spanish getaway could be just what you need.

Switzerland: City breaks within Switzerland are a little more what you might call ‘off the beaten track’ when compared to other countries in Europe, but don’t let that put you off from visiting! Skiing is also extremely popular, with a large amount of resorts to sample, and other beautiful areas include The Matterhorn (Switzerland’s iconic pointed peak) as well as Jungfraujoch, which is known as the ‘Top of Europe’.

Winner: Switzerland nick one back here to halve the deficit as we pass the halfway point – all to play for again now!

Score so far: Spain 2-1 Switzerland


Spain: One of the main drawers of booking a sunny European beach break to Spain is the fact that you can often find a real bargain, whether that be on the mainland or on one of the stunning islands. Package deals are available from just a couple of hundred pounds per person, and you’ll usually discover prices once you’re there to be very reasonable.

Switzerland: Known to be one of the more expensive countries within Europe for a short city break trip or skiing holiday, the key when booking a Swiss getaway is to shop around and find yourself the best deal – and you certainly shouldn’t let the cost deter you from penciling in a visit. With the large range of things to do you may also want to consider saving up cash beforehand to ensure you can tick everything off your must-do list.

Winner: It’s Spain again who restore their two point advantage as we approach the final category!

Score so far: Spain 3-1 Switzerland

Distance From The UK

Spain: The mainland can be reached from London in around two hours, and with the huge programme of flights that are traditionally scheduled year after year, you should have no problems getting there! Travel time to some of the islands within the Balearics and certainly the Canaries will take a little longer however, though are still accessible within around four hours.

Switzerland: Perhaps unbeknown to some, Switzerland is actually that extra bit closer to the UK than Spain is, meaning you spend less time in the air and more time in your holiday spot exploring! There’s not too much difference between the two, but you could be in capital city Bern in less than two hours for example, which is why Swiss trips just edge this one.

Winner: VAR was required and its Switzerland who pull one back right at the end, though Spain take the overall glory following five hotly contested rounds!

Final Score: Spain 3-2 Switzerland

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