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February 2017 #HolidayChat Round-Up

February is the month for romantics to really come into their own and here at, there’s more than just oxygen in the air. Yes, that’s right, there is plenty of nitrogen floating around our HQ because, you know, science and stuff. Plenty. Oh, and love. Yeah that too. That’s exactly why our latest #HolidayChat was all about ‘Holiday Loves’ and links in nicely with a couple of our other Valentine’s Day related marketing campaigns at the moment. It’s almost like we planned it all out…

Q1) Which destination would you love to visit or revisit and why?

You lot were full of admiration for a whole host of places following our first question of the night, with sun and city destinations getting the most loving! 

The use of metaphors were classed as an optional response, in case you were wondering. 

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Sophie

February 2017 #HolidayChat - The Blossom Twins

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Kirstie

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Jessica Buck

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Monet

Q2) What do you love most about going on holiday? #HolidayChat

We have to admit, we were in full agreement with all but one of the answers to this. Food, heat and family time of course, but ‘not being at work’ is something we simply cannot relate to.

And the author of this article definitely isn’t just saying that because the bosses will be reading this at some point. Definitely not.

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Tams

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Rach Nicole

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Samantha Walker

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Char 

Q3) Have you ever fallen in love at first sight with a destination? #HolidayChat

So apparently it doesn’t just happen with cute couples in cheesy chick flicks after all…

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Florence Grace

February 2017 #HolidayChat - WTMLuggage

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Lucy Ronan

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Seanna Fallon

February 2017 #HolidayChat - A Pair Of Passports

Q4) What's the most romantic thing you've ever seen or done on holiday? #HolidayChat

Getting engaged? Check. Getting married? Check. Going on honeymoon? Check. Buying a chicken sandwich? Check.

And they say romance is dead…

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Michaela

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Kris McNair

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Impression

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Char

Q5) It's game time! Are you ready for this? Choose 3 destinations to snog, marry and avoid #HolidayChat

Now who are the ones throwing out metaphors, right? Well, we decided to have a bit of fun with our last question and you lot chose the destinations you like, love and loathe!

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Man Vs Globe

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Victoria

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Katie Brazier

February 2017 #HolidayChat - Ann Louise

Want to feature in one of our upcoming blog posts? Just email [email protected] telling us which destination you've fallen in love with & give us a few sentences why! Make sure to include your name and a link to your blog so we can reference you in the finished piece.

Or are you on Instagram? Tag your best photos this month with #icelollyLoves and you could see them popping up on our feed!