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Filming Locations: Where Was Money Heist Filmed?

With the highly anticipated fourth season of the Money Heist/La Casa De Papel hitting our screens on 3rd April 2020, now is a better time than ever to refresh your memory about what happened in the previous series or binge-watch the entire show for the first time.

The most watched ‘non-English’ series on Netflix to date, the drama features some amazing filming locations, and with much of seasons one and two based in Spain, the series still managed to showcase some of Madrid’s famous landmarks and scenic countryside. Read on to discover some of the other great locations featured across seasons one to three!

The Royal Mint, Spain AKA The Spanish National Research Council)

The main focal point of seasons one and two of ‘La Casa De Papel’. Due to security reasons, much of the exterior filming was actually based at the Spanish National Research Council which has many similarities in terms of layout and architecture. Many of the interior shots were filmed at the former Locked Up sets in Colmenar Viejo for the hostage scenes, whereas the printing scenes took place at Spanish newspaper office: ABC.

When in Madrid, it might also be worth checking out the Callao Square, Madrid’s answer to New York’s Time Square, as the tourist hotspot was used within the opening scene of series three.

Finca El Gasco farm estate in Torrelodones

Popular wedding venue Finca El Gasco was used as the country estate that The Professor and the team used as a base to plot the heist. The beautiful estate is roughly 30 minutes from Madrid, and a must see for those who are retracing the footsteps of the team.

*Spoiler Alert*

With much of season one and two primarily based in Madrid, the third season looks at the journey and aftermath of each member, travelling through the likes of Panama, Florence, Thailand and more! Rumour has it that many scenes from series four were filmed at the same time as series three. Here's hoping for more idyllic scenes on the Guna Yala Islands!

Bank of Spain in Madrid

Like the Royal Mint, much of the filming was captured at the Ministry of Development complex Nuevos Ministerios due to security issues. Nethertheless, many travellers still visit the Bank of Spain due to the breathtaking architecture and history.

Thailand & Philippines

The ending of season two sees the Professor travel to Palawan to enjoy his new found wealth in an impressive location. Famous for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, the Hidden Beach in Palawan was voted as one of the top 25 beaches in the world by Condé Nest with noteworthy references to the pristine condition of the location.

Kicking off season three, Tokio is seen in the Sanctuary of Truth in Thailand, an iconic and unmissable structure in Pattaya which is intricately carved out of wood. The park now stretches for acres and now includes a shooting range, sword fighting demonstrations, horse rides and even elephants which you can visit.

Guna Yala Islands

Paradise would be an understatement for the Guna Yala Islands. For the perfect love story, Tokio and Rio decide to relocate to the remote islands in Panama. With over 365 tiny islands to be explored, there is enough white sand, coral reefs and tropical beaches for each day of the year!

Cathedral Square and Michelangelo Square

Last but not least showed flashbacks to Professor and Berlin plotting the heist over five years ago. With a panoramic view of much of Florence, it was an obvious filming location!

Bonus fact: The original first season was actually 15 episodes long, but Netflix recut these into 22, more digestible episodes.

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