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From Snow To Spa: Pam’s Heart-Warming Story

The wintry weather has left us all feeling the cold recently, but news of one uplifting story melted the hearts of team Humanity often rallies together in times of need, though it was the efforts of a particular individual that reinforced our faith in the resilient nature of people in our local area.

Bradford-based carer Pam Chapman was one of many impacted by the UK snowfall, but didn’t let this prevent her from carrying out her duties, despite a struggle to commute to and from her place of work. Pam was unable to get a bus or taxi home and so walked five miles after an extended shift due to a shortage of staff, passing waist-deep snow drifts as the temperature dropped as low as -4 degrees.

Against the odds

The climate didn’t stop 70-year-old Pam, who cares for three men with learning difficulties, from looking after others in need, and honourably commented: “You can’t leave them on their own, you’ve got a duty of care really. You’ve got to do it, even at 70.

“Queensbury’s well-known for being the highest spot in Bradford, so when it gets bad, it gets bad!”

Pam was in good spirits despite the extra hours at work and bitterly cold walk, and has become somewhat of an internet sensation after a video surfaced online of her struggle through the inclement conditions.

Via @CorrinneWheatley on Twitter

We were left feeling all cosy inside at’s Leeds HQ after hearing about Pam’s story and wanted to express our appreciation for her true showing of Yorkshire grit.

Our team were able to contact Pam via social media and happily offered a relaxing spa break on us as a way of saying thank you for her sheer determination against all odds, which was gladly accepted and appreciated.

Pam will now enjoy a well-earned rest with her daughter at a local country park hotel & spa and on behalf of everyone who has benefited from your admirable resolve and endless care…