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Hack The Festival

Everyone loves a music festival, but it can’t be denied they come with certain pitfalls that can take several years of experience to overcome. Luckily, we’ve gathered together some of the best tips and tricks so you can head off to Glastonbury with the wisdom of a seasoned festival-goer!

Choose your outfit wisely

We all want to achieve that flawless festival look popularised by smug hipsters on Instagram, but under the circumstances it’s just not feasible for most of us. Flower crowns will just take up space in your bag and most likely get lost, and forget about playsuits and dungarees – yes they look adorable but you’ll regret your choice when you’re half-naked behind your tent trying to pee in the dark…

Keep it clean

In a world of dirt, sweat and limited showers, wet wipes will become your best friend. Not only will they stop you picking up germs day-to-day, they’re probably the closest you’ll get to a wash unless you’re willing to queue at the shower blocks for hours on end. Dry shampoo is another essential to give your locks a new lease of life!

Stay connected

In a field of thousands of people, it’s inevitable that you will at some point get separated from your friends. Most phones will be dead after the first two days and phone signal is patchy at festivals anyway, so agree on a meeting place to regroup and stick to it.

Outsmart the sunrise

When you arrive at your camp site, work out which direction is east and pitch your tent accordingly. The sun rises in the east and there’s nothing worse than waking up hungover with the sun streaming into your tent. Draping a blanket over the east side of your tent will also help block out the light if you want a lie-in.

Protect your valuables

Most festivals carry at least a small risk of rain, a risk that increases significantly if you’re attending a festival in the UK. Waterproof bags are readily available to purchase from outdoor stores, but a far cheaper alternative is to store your phone and money in a small zip-lock bag. These plastic bags will prevent water damage to your valuables, and your touchscreen will even work through the plastic!

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By Kate Moxon – Backpacker Extraordinaire at