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Holiday Hacks: Packing Light for a 2-Week Holiday

A recent study by revealed that Britons nationwide are attempting to cut the cost of their holidays by forgoing the option of checked baggage and taking just hand luggage. However it appears we need more practice, with a staggering 34% falling foul of extra charges due to exceeding luggage restrictions. If you’re hoping to travel light this summer, we’ve got some great tips to make sure you don’t get caught out at the airport…

Know your limits

The obvious starting point is to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Baggage restrictions vary between airlines, so don’t make any assumptions – check with your specific airline what weights and dimensions are permitted, and what limits there are on liquids. Make sure you’re aware if your airline allows an additional small bag; this provides valuable extra packing space!

Travel in your bulkiest clothes

Jeans, jackets, jumpers and trainers are all chunky items that take up valuable space when you’re limited to hand luggage. Instead of letting them clog up your case, wear all your thickest clothes to travel. They’ll also help you keep warm and comfy if the plane’s air conditioning is a little over the top.

Choose your bag wisely

Hard suitcases are bulky and contribute to the weight limit; instead opt for a large holdall in a soft, lightweight fabric. Fabric bags have a little more give, allowing you to stretch them to stuff the last few items in, and are malleable enough that they can be crammed into the metal frame if a member of airport staff insists on checking the size of your bag.

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Roll your clothes

You probably grew up with your mum teaching you the best way to fold your clothes in your suitcase, but the truth is rolling is a much more efficient method. This way, your clothes take up less room in your bag, you can make use of every inch of space, and it even helps prevent creases!

Wash on-the-go

It’s inevitable that when you’ve got a limited selection of clothes, you’re going to spill food all down yourself on the first day. Select clothes in easily-washable, quick-drying fabrics, and if you do mess up an outfit in the first few days you can buy some washing powder and do a quick hand wash in the bathroom sink.

Ditch the dresses

Ladies, we know you’ll want a couple of dresses for the evening, but when packing light separates are your friend. Packing a small number of neutral-coloured bottoms and a selection of tops allows you to mix-and-match, giving you a wider variety of outfits and ensuring you don’t look the same in all your holiday snaps!

Make your own travel toiletries

Airlines have pretty strict rules regarding liquids in hand luggage, so you have to get creative. Avoid extortionately priced travel toiletries and instead invest in a pack of empty 100ml bottles, available from department stores and pharmacies for a few pounds. Fill them with your own shampoo and shower gel, and save them for future trips.

Congratulations, you can now say goodbye to those pesky luggage fees and enjoy cheaper flights all year round! You’re welcome…

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By Kate Moxon – Shameless penny-pincher at