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Holidaying In Turkey Is About To Get A Whole Lot Cheaper

Today, the Turkish authorities announced a change to their entry visa requirements and it's good news for British holidaymakers!

Currently, British nationals choosing to holiday in Turkey have to purchase an e-Visa for the pleasure. These visas are an entry requirement for both adults and children. Priced at £27 each, they set families of four back just over a hefty £100 per holiday - enough to put plenty off regardless of how cheap the deal is and how good the Lira exchange rate is. However, this is about to change...

What is going to happen?

Turkey is set to abolish visas for the members of the European Union Schengen area, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland as well as the United Kingdom for touristic travels to Turkey for every 90 days within 180 day period.

This means that you'll be able to book your holiday without the added chore of applying for a visa, making a holiday to Turkey as effortless as one to Spain or Greece.

When will visa-free entry start?

This change will officially come into effect on 2 March 2020.

Why are the Turkish authorities scrapping visas for these countries?

The decision aims to boost tourism ties with the six countries, as well as further developing trade, economic and cultural relations.

Do I need to worry about any other entry requirements when holidaying in Turkey?

Although you will no longer need a visa, the Foreign Office advises that Britons visiting Turkey should have at least six months of validity remaining on their passport and a full blank page for the entry and exit stamps.

What happens if I bought my visa in advance?

Keep your eyes peeled as no information surrounding potential refunds has been announced as of yet.

Will I need a visa after Brexit?

It's unclear whether the exemption will continue to apply to the UK once the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December.

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