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How Going On Holiday Can Make You Healthy

Okay we can’t guarantee that a holiday will make you completely healthy but flying to your favourite destination can definitely make you healthier. Yes, you heard us right, going on holiday has its health benefits which is great news for anyone that loves to jet off to sunny shores once or twice a year. And, if you’re someone that hasn’t been on holiday in a while, or is reluctant to use that annual leave, here’s how going on holiday can make you healthy. That sounds better than going to the gym a few times a week…

Lower Blood Pressure

Holidays are relaxing aren’t they? The sun, the sea, the sand… They all come together to create an atmosphere less stressful than day to day life. Maybe a cocktail or two helps too? Whatever it is about being on holiday, it helps lower our blood pressure meaning that you’re at reduced risk of having a heart attack. It sounds like a holiday is just what the doctor ordered!

Relaxing on the beach

Improved Sleep

Again, it might be the cocktails or that local beer you’ve taken a fancy to but on holiday, it’s been said that we sleep 17% better than when we’re at home. Maybe it’s because we’re not distracted by other worries we have or maybe it’s just the sea air? Whatever reason it is, we’re not complaining!

Sleeping on a hammock on holiday

We Produce More Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vitamin we gain from food such as salmon and eggs. However it’s also a vitamin that we gain from natural sunlight hitting our skin. And since we don’t get as much of that as we should in the UK, going on holiday is the perfect way to top up. Vitamin D helps our bones grow stronger and it also encourages skin cell growth, just make sure to lather on the sunscreen before heading out!

Wearing sunscreen on holiday

We Do Exercise

You may do exercise at home but it can sometimes seem like a bit of a chore can’t it? Doing exercise on holiday seems effortless…All those walks on the beach, swimming in the pool, snorkelling in the sea, cycling along the promenade, dancing in the bar, it’s all exercise! So you can definitely get away with having that delicious, rich meal you’ve seen on the menu of that beautiful looking restaurant…

Snorkelling and exercising on holiday

Levels of Happiness Improve

We get happy feelings from buying the latest high street fashions, that gorgeous new lipstick we definitely need or that cool little car we want so much. But do you know it’s experiences that actually makes us happier in the long term? Experiences like going on holiday with family, going on a boat tour around a Greek island or having fun with friends on a holiday after finishing college!

Making memories on holiday with family

We Eat More Healthily

Indulging on holiday is definitely something a lot of people do, but it’s okay because we’re on holiday! While that may not be healthy, the foods we experience on holiday inspire a lot of people to try different dishes when back at home! Not only are a lot of meals on holiday healthier, especially from Mediterranean regions, but it means we can relive our holiday when we’re back home!

Eating healthy on holiday

Do you feel healthy when you're on holiday or make an effort to try and stay healthy?  Let us know your tips!