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How To Make The Most Of Self Isolation

Whether you're self isolating, in quarantine, or just using social distancing as an excuse to cancel plans, avoid people and binge watch your favourite tv show, We have compiled a list of ways to make the most of a little bit of solitude.


Now is the perfect time to binge watch all those series’ you’ve saved on Sky Plus, neglected on Netflix or paused on Amazon Prime. Hop on the sofa and immerse yourself in an alternative reality. Personal feel good recommendations include: The Good Place, An Idiot Abroad (for some subliminal travel inspo), and rewatching all 10 seasons of Friends! Better yet, if you're so inclined, Netflix Parties are now a thing; rather than watching alone, a browser extension lets you watch and chat with friends in total synchronicity.

Learn new skills

Although the thought of staying indoors for two weeks may seem daunting, grab the opportunity by the horns and set some time away to learn a new skill, whether it be falling in love with embroidery, learning a whole new language using Duolingo or rediscovering your talent for guitar, the opportunities are endless. Earn a new qualification with sites such as Udemy or discover a new career path with Open Learn, offering a catalogue of over 800 free online courses.

Spring clean

Undeniably, everyone has a ‘dumping’ ground in their house, under the stairs? Airing cupboard? Perhaps it's the whole garage? Statistics have proven that cleaning decreases cortisol (the hormone that can cause stress and anxiety). Now is a better time than ever to ‘Hinch yourself happy’ and facilitate a clean and comforting home.

Phone a friend

With all this free time on your hands, why not give a loved one a call? Whether they live far or near, it's easy to delay catching up with friends and family, so why not pick up the phone, have a good old natter and reminisce about your favourite holiday memories?

Plan the perfect trip

Starting to have itchy feet? The world will be your oyster before you know it so why not celebrate with that once in a lifetime holiday you have dreamed of? Whether its backpacking through Bali, hitting the highway in the USA or sunbathing in Spain, seize the opportunity to research all of the amazing activities and local gems to explore. Can’t wait that long? Google has paired up with various attractions and museums around the globe to offer virtual tours of world class museums such as the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Guggenheim in New York City.


A Danish concept which is centered around being cosy, imagine candles, blankets, snacks, comforting music and simple pleasures. As well as a mental health boost, the concept is easy to follow, simple actions everyday such as making a hot drink, reading a book or watching your favourite film is a small step towards Hygge.

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